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The 11th China Shanghai mahogany art furniture exhibition 2018
Industry: Home / Appliances / Commodity
Time: 2018/09/20 - 09/23 (Thur To Sun Total 4 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Jing'an District · Shanghai Shanghai Exhibition Center 1000 Yan'an Middle Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai
Sponsor:Oriental Aesthetics Research Institute of China Light Industry Information Center, Shanghai Bojun Exhibition Service Co., Ltd
Organizer:Shanghai Bojun Exhibition Service Co., Ltd


The 11th China Shanghai mahogany art furniture exhibition, CO sponsored by Oriental Aesthetics Research Institute of China Light Industry Information Center and Shanghai Bojun Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., will be held in Shanghai Exhibition Center from September 20 to 23, 2018!

The organizer will also rely on years of exhibition experience, combine with the current new normal development of mahogany industry, open up ideas, and innovate exhibition mode: hope to achieve the "cluster effect of brand products" in a short period of time through the exhibition, further improve the brand awareness of exhibitors, improve the ability of consumers to appreciate, and promote the on-site transaction of the exhibition or reach the purchase intention and cooperation intention. We also want to invite experts, scholars, industry leaders and collectors to pass on the knowledge of rosewood culture and rosewood furniture collection and appreciation to consumers through special forums and industry knowledge lectures, so as to improve the affinity between exhibitors and consumers and promote the healthy and sound development of the market. Interested manufacturers can also join hands with the organizers to hold new product conference or promotion conference during the exhibition, launch new products on site, show strength, create popularity, promote sales, and improve the brand's comprehensive reputation.

In the process of market adjustment, there are good opportunities, the initiative of brand enterprises is obviously enhanced, and the demand of Chinese people for the integration of mahogany furniture and traditional culture into the era is increasing. Exhibition organizers are willing to work with exhibitors and consumers to constantly adjust their pace and work together to win more trust from customers and all walks of life with better service and exhibition mode!


1. Mahogany furniture and mahogany accessories; traditional Suzhou, Beijing, Guangzhou, xianzuo, dongzuo and Shanghai style furniture; contemporary neoclassical, new Chinese style

New Shanghai style furniture;

2. Classical furniture: Ming and Qing classical furniture, European classical furniture, Western classical furniture (old western furniture, antique furniture);

3. Works of art, home accessories: wood carving, root carving, bamboo carving, bronze ware, antiques, lacquerware, folk crafts, collectibles;

4. Redwood furniture accessories, raw and auxiliary materials, woodworking machinery, etc.

Costs & Precautions

A. Standard booth (with stand, from 9 square meters): 1200 yuan / ㎡;

(rate includes: exhibition site, 2.5m exhibition board, one low glass cabinet, two chairs, carpet, booth lighting, lintel sign text)

B. Open space (from 36 square meters): 1100 yuan / m2;

(provide the reserved area outside the site, without any configuration and excluding the site management fee and electricity box fee)

C. Site management fee: 30 yuan / m2;

Electric box: 1 * * / 380V --- 800 yuan / exhibition period, 30A / 380V --- 1500 yuan / exhibition period.

(these two fees are only limited to the exhibitors of special booth, and can only be used for construction and exhibition after they are handed over to the service center of the exhibition hall before entering the exhibition hall. Also can

Submitted to the organizer for entrustment)


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