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Guangzhou toy exhibition, science and education products may be concerned

Publish Time: 2019-01-27   Hits: 11071 Editor: zixun2
In recent years, the education industry, especially preschool education, has developed rapidly in China. The future deve


In 2019, the 31st Guangzhou toy exhibition will be held in poly World Trade Expo on April 8-10 as scheduled, and the 10th Guangzhou infant and child products exhibition will be held at the same time.

Rio Tinto's business opportunities

In recent years, the education industry, especially preschool education, has developed rapidly in China. The future development of education products has broad prospects and great market demand. In recent years, among the exhibits of Guangzhou toy exhibition, the types and quantity of educational products are gradually rich. In order to better adapt to the changes of market demand and the development needs of the exhibition, the organizer also correspondingly increased the publicity of educational products, and strongly invited more exhibitors and buyers of educational products to participate in the exhibition, watch the exhibition and purchase.

Up against difficulties, through period

In 2018, the intensified competition in the domestic and foreign toy market prompted toy manufacturers to actively seek new breakthroughs. Getting involved in the field of education is one of the more popular development options in the industry, and many enterprises continue to grow their performance by exploring new channels and tasting new forms of marketing.

In terms of export, the year-on-year growth rate of China's toy export in 2018 dropped from 36% at the beginning of the year to 1.6% in September, showing a very clear momentum of "high opening and low going". The slow growth of the world economy, the sharp fluctuation of the currency exchange rate, the need to destock the market, the bankruptcy of the US Toys R US and other factors have a great impact on the slowdown of export growth.

In terms of domestic sales, although the market demand is stable, the difficulty of enterprise operation increases. As a result, this situation involves many aspects, such as "aging" of employment, declining profits, flat market, weak brand competitiveness, and lack of product creativity. The overall economy is under great downward pressure.

Expanding emerging international markets or cross domain development with the help of the Internet and mobile Internet can bring new channel opportunities, which can help game companies expand the market and cross the economic downturn cycle. Guangzhou Toy Fair always pays close attention to the invitation work of buyers, widens the channels, and pays special attention to the exploration of cross-border channels.

Gather high-quality products and seize the opportunity

Guangzhou Toy Fair is famous for a long time. It is a big event in the toy industry at the beginning of spring every year. In 2018, there were 56549 professional visitors from 76 countries and regions. In addition to covering large supermarkets, department stores, specialty stores and wholesale markets, buyers representing new retail formats, such as e-commerce, mom and baby stores, which have been rising significantly in recent years, are also "circle powder" of Guangzhou toy exhibition.

It is the unanimous praise of the industry that the Guangzhou toy exhibition enjoys the reputation of China's toy market vane. Tens of thousands of new products are on display here, indicating the development trend of the industry. From the current registration situation, in 2019, building blocks, intelligent toys, steam products and animation derived toys, four types of products, have a greater momentum and more focus.

Award selection, rich activities

In 2018, a number of simultaneous activities at Guangzhou Toy Fair were well received, "2018 Toy Industry Marketing Summit", "2018 toy e-commerce and New Media Innovation Application Forum" and "2018 global toy market status and Trend Forum" were praised by the audience. What's more, last year's "Chinese and foreign toy awards" and the on-site exhibition area set up have made a group of products with outstanding performance in the market more exposed and attracted the attention of buyers.


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