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2019 the 10th China International Fire Safety and emergency rescue (Tianjin) Exhibition

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2019/05/08 - 05/10 (Wed To Fri Total 3 Days)    Error Correction


Hexi District · Tianjin Tianjin International Exhibition Center Near Jinlihua Hotel, No.32, Youyi Road, Hexi District, Tianjin


National commercial fire protection and Safety Association, Tianjin Fire Protection Association, office of Tianjin Fire Safety Committee, office of Tianjin Work Safety Committee


Tianjin Hengxin Exhibition Co., Ltd


Tianjin Real Estate Association, Tianjin Property Management Association



The last data -- as the largest and most influential annual fire industry event in northern China -- the 9th China fire safety and emergency rescue (Tianjin) exhibition was successfully held in Tianjin in May 2018. 312 brand exhibitors, 65 visiting teams, more than 2400 engineering companies and 27000 professional visitors witnessed the grand meeting. According to statistics, the on-site turnover reached 380 million yuan, and the intended transaction order reached 610 million yuan.
Leadership care: Yin Junshi, vice president of China Fire Protection Association, Liu Youqian, President of national commercial fire protection and Safety Association, Wang Zigang, President of Tianjin Fire Protection Association, song Bo, Secretary of Tianjin Fire Protection Research Institute, Ministry of public security, Gao Wei, Secretary General of fire technology innovation alliance, Wu Lilong, President of China Fire Protection Association, sun Jianzhong, President of Tianjin safe production management association, and Tianjin Labor Protection Science Gao Jianguo, President of technical society, Zhang Qinglin, former director of Tianjin Fire Research Institute of Ministry of public security, Zhao Xuedong, chairman of Internet of things branch of China Communications Industry Association, Dai Zhihong, vice chairman and Secretary General of Tianjin Fire Protection Association, Bai Jingmei, vice chairman of Tianjin Science and Technology Association, Xu Chuansheng, former leader of Taian fire prevention detachment, Xu Jianming, Secretary General of Tianjin Property Management Association and other leaders attended the exhibition Visit the exhibition site to guide the work of the exhibition.
Brands gathering - Tianjin Fire Research Institute of the Ministry of public security, Beijing Zhongzhuo times, Suzhou Jieda, CRRC, Hubei Jiangnan, chen'an cloud clothing, Huawei, nit, setwell, Quanshi, taihe'an, SECCO, zhongzhisheng'an, simmer electric, Aryan, Secom, Youfa, Juncheng, xinhuitong, Dikai, Changxing, Ruidong, jinmingyuan, zhonglingshineng, Wansheng, Longtao, hehe 312 brand enterprises such as Ji, Chuan'an, Beilun Jilong, Dajiang, Guangdong Zhongxiao, Kanev, xinhuitong, xinwanxing, and yibaitong are on display.
Summit Forum - "2018 China Tianjin intelligent fire fighting Summit Forum" was successfully concluded in Jinhua hall on the second floor of Tianjin Jinlihua Hotel on June 1. Leaders of relevant government departments, well-known experts in the industry, leaders of fire protection associations at all levels, senior executives of key enterprises, and more than 300 industry elites from real estate, property management, architectural design, scientific research units, relevant colleges and universities, and key fire safety units attended the event. The theme of this forum activity is "smart fire protection, the way of future fire protection development". Many industry tycoons deeply analyze national policies and industry planning around the theme of the activity, discuss opportunities and challenges in market development, point out the development direction of the industry, and analyze the application of smart fire protection in smart city and fire safety construction.
Media gathering: Xinhuanet, CCTV, Sina, Sohu, Netease, Tencent, Fenghuang, Chinanet, China finance and economics, Tianjin TV, Tianjin Radio and television, Jinyun, Beifang, daily news, city express, China fire protection network, China Fire best, China fire protection network, Huicong fire protection network, fire protection industry, etc. and more than 200 professional media have different forms to The event was reported and publicized, among which and sina.com broadcast all activities of the exhibition and summit forum live.
China Fire Expo 2019 will continue to be held in Tianjin International Exhibition Center from May 8 to 10, 2019, and the 2019 China (Tianjin) International Intelligent Fire Protection Summit Forum will be held at the same time. Welcome to visit the exhibition!


Fire alarm equipment, fire detection alarm, controller, leakage fire alarm, emergency, fire power supply and other products;
Internet + smart fire, fire Internet of things technology and application, fire remote monitoring system, safety production protection supplies, etc.
Automatic fire extinguishing equipment, automatic sprinkler system, gas fire extinguishing system, aerosol fire extinguishing system, dry powder fire extinguishing system and other technologies and products;
Fire fighting equipment, fire vehicles, police vehicles, personal protective equipment, rescue equipment, fire monitor, slow descent equipment and other products;
Fire fighting equipment, fire extinguisher, fire hydrant system, demolition tools, fire hose, fire warning signs, lighting and other products;
Building fire protection, fireproof coating, heat insulation and fireproof doors and windows, pump and valve pipes, high temperature smoke exhaust fan, power supply and flame retardant materials and other products;
Emergency rescue equipment, emergency rescue support equipment, emergency engineering rescue equipment, UAV, etc.

Costs & Precautions

The 10th International Fire Protection Exhibition (Tianjin) (may 8-10, 2019)
Standard booth (3m × 3M): domestic enterprises: RMB 7800 / piece; foreign enterprises: USD $1500 / piece.
Luxury standard booth (3m × 3M): domestic enterprises: RMB 9800 / piece; foreign enterprises: USD $2000 / piece.
Indoor space (starting from 36 ㎡): domestic enterprises: RMB 880 yuan / ㎡; foreign enterprises: USD $150 / ㎡.
11th International Fire Protection Exhibition (Shanxi) (July 18-20, 2019)
Standard booth (3m × 3M): domestic enterprises: RMB 6800 / piece; foreign enterprises: USD $1500 / piece.
Luxury standard booth (3m × 3M): domestic enterprises: RMB 8800 / piece; foreign enterprises: USD $2000 / piece.
Indoor space (starting from 36 ㎡): domestic enterprises: RMB 680 / ㎡; foreign enterprises: USD 150 / ㎡.
The 12th International Fire Protection Exhibition (Chengdu) (November 28-30, 2019)
Standard booth (3m × 3M): domestic enterprises: RMB 8800 / piece; foreign enterprises: USD $2000 / piece.
Luxury standard booth (3m × 3M): domestic enterprises: RMB 10800 / piece; foreign enterprises: USD $2500 / piece.
Indoor space (starting from 36 ㎡): domestic enterprises: RMB 980 / ㎡; foreign enterprises: USD $250 / ㎡.
Please refer to the official website of the conference "manual of advertising and investment promotion" for the journal and Exhibition advertisements.
Note: for three places, 50% off for open space and 60% off for standard exhibition; for two places, 60% off for open space and 70% off for standard exhibition.


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