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2022 China Yiwu Auto Parts Fair

Car / Vehicle


2022/10/21 - 10/23 (Fri To Sun Total 3 Days)    Error Correction


Jinhua · Zhejiang Yiwu International Expo Center ChinaZhejiangJinhua 59 Zongze East Road, Yiwu City


All China Federation of industry and Commerce Chamber of Commerce for automobile and motorcycle accessories, Zhejiang chamber of Commerce for automobile and motorcycle accessories, and Zhejiang Automo...


Yiwu reed exhibition Investment Co., Ltd

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China Yiwu Auto Parts Fair will be held in Yiwu International Expo Center from October 21 to 23, 2022. It will be held together with the 28th Yiwu Fair. The fair is hosted by the Ministry of Commerce of the people's Republic of China, the people's Government of Zhejiang Province and undertaken by the Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province and the people's Government of Yiwu City. It is currently the largest, most influential and most effective large-scale exhibition in China. It is a brand exhibition certified and recommended by the global Federation of international exhibitions (UFI). It is one of the three major export commodity exhibitions in China. There are more than 1500 auto parts market operators in Yiwu, including nearly 900 auto parts operators. According to incomplete statistics, Yiwu's exports of auto supplies and accessories in 2021 will be about 5 billion. Yiwu has a huge export market for auto parts, of which the export of auto parts accounts for about 80% of the market share. It is the main export platform for domestic small, medium-sized and micro enterprises. We will make every effort to build the world's largest auto and motorcycle parts fair for export to Central Asia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, South America and Africa.


1. Auto Parts Zone: engine and accessories, braking system and accessories, body, chassis system and accessories, instruments and various rubber and plastic parts, etc
2. Interior decoration, refitting parts, power parts, etc. in the refitting area
3. Motorcycle accessories zone: engine parts, electrical appliances and instruments, transmission system and accessories, driving and frame parts, control system and accessories, supplies and related products, whole vehicle, general and other accessories
4. Beauty maintenance zone: car cleaning products, beauty products, maintenance products, auto insurance   etc.
5, boutique area: vehicle electronic and electrical appliances, pendants, car perfume, wipers, LED, cushions, pads & amp; etc.
6. Car living area: RV, self driving tour, etc
7. New energy Accessories Zone: pure electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, other energy vehicles and parts, etc

Costs & Precautions

(booth sequence allocation principle: "apply first, pay first, arrange first, and charge 800 yuan for double opening"
Standard exhibition: RMB 6800 / piece (enterprise lintel, one negotiation table, two folding chairs, two spotlights and one 220V socket)
Bare ground: RMB 600 / ㎡. (starting from 18 ㎡ of bare land, no facilities are provided);

》》》Preferential policies
1. Special equipment ?
(1) Special decoration enterprises applying for 6 booths or more can be given a discount of 5%;
(2) Special decoration enterprises applying for 10 booths or more can be given a 10% discount.
2. Brand excellence ?
(1) Enterprises with national well-known trademarks (within the period of validity) that are recognized by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and judicial recognition will be given a 10% discount;
(2) 5% discount for enterprises with provincial famous trademarks, provincial famous brand products and provincial famous trade names;
3. Instructions for handling the above two preferential policies
(1) Eligible enterprises can enjoy the above preferential policies in the order of: Item 1 special decoration preferential → item 2 brand preferential;
(2) The above preferential policies shall not be reused and shall be implemented with reference to the high preferential policies;
(3) To enjoy the brand preference, apply with the original of relevant certificates and certificates within the validity period or the copies of relevant materials stamped with the official seal of the enterprise. If it is overdue, it will not be enjoyed


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