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Warm congratulations on the grand opening of 2019 international green building materials (Shanghai) Expo in Shanghai New International Expo Center!

Publish Time: 2019-07-18   Hits: 1468072 Editor: zixun1
2019 international green building materials (Shanghai) Expo opened in Shanghai New International Expo Center from July 1


       Warm congratulations on the grand opening of 2019 international green building materials (Shanghai) Expo in Shanghai New International Expo Center from July 17 to July 19, 2019! From all over the building materials industry production enterprises and related supporting product suppliers to participate in the exhibition! To attract buyers from all over the country and a large number of visitors to visit the site to order. Cotv global live broadcast, large-scale exhibition for your live release!  

The 13th five year plan points out that promoting the development of building energy conservation and green building is the objective requirement of implementing the national energy production and consumption revolution strategy, the important embodiment of accelerating the construction of ecological civilization and taking a new urbanization road, the effective means of promoting energy conservation and emission reduction and coping with climate change, and the focus of innovation driving and enhancing the new momentum of economic development.
As the only "overall green building solutions" international building materials trade fair, international green building materials (Shanghai) Expo (esbuild for short), has been deeply involved in China's green building industry for 15 years. In order to implement the laws, guidelines and policies on "accelerating the reform of ecological civilization system and building a beautiful China" put forward in the report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and conform to the development trend of green, ecological, healthy and comfortable building materials, esbuild will integrate the existing resources in 2018, reset the exhibition concept of "creating new safety, beautiful ecology and providing overall green building solutions", and promote The six plates are interconnected and integrated, involving building energy conservation plate, prefabricated building plate, exterior wall material plate, interior wall material plate, building auxiliary material plate and interior decoration plate.


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