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2021 the 10th Wuhan International Machine Tool Exhibition
Industry: Industrial / Mechanical / Processing
Time: 2021/09/07 - 09/10 (Tues To Fri Total 4 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Wuhan · Hubei Wuhan International Expo Center ChinaHubeiWuhan 619 Yingwu Avenue, Hanyang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province
Sponsor:Organizer: Hubei Lijia Convention and Exhibition Co., Ltd
Organizer:Hubei Lijia Convention & Exhibition Co., Ltd
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Lijia Wuhan exhibition 2021 will be held in Wuhan International Expo Center from September 7 to 10, 2021.

In the future, the industrial development of central China will usher in great changes. To seize the opportunity and take advantage of the situation is the direction of Lijia Wuhan exhibition. As China's economic and geographical center, Wuhan covers China's industrial location with a radius of 1000 kilometers. More importantly, Wuhan's strong industrial foundation and excellent advantages in economy, trade, geography, human resources, scientific research, etc It will continue to build an industrial exhibition platform integrating brand exhibition, technology exchange, trade cooperation and market development for the exhibitors.

During the exhibition, the exhibitors will provide advanced manufacturing equipment and core, digital and intelligent upgrading products of traditional industries, display intelligent manufacturing and application of advanced manufacturing technology, and strive to build a high-quality development platform of advanced manufacturing industry, which is the important mission of Lijia Wuhan exhibition.

Take a global view, actively strengthen and consolidate the real economy, develop industrial chain support, especially in the central and western regions in the field of intelligent equipment transformation and upgrading, the obvious trend of China's industry transfer to the central and western regions and the huge market space, give manufacturing enterprises greater determination to do a good job in the technical services of the equipment industry in the central region, Lijia Wuhan exhibition will provide greater exhibition and promotion for exhibitors Platform. Lijia Wuhan exhibition is expected to reach 40000 square meters. 450 well-known enterprises at home and abroad will participate in the exhibition, attracting 15000 people and professional visitors. It will gather manufacturers and end users in Central China, provide diversified exhibition and negotiation platform, and boost the new development of the industry.


Machine tools:
Metal cutting machine tools, forging machine tools, casting and die casting, injection molding and plastic machinery, clamping and measuring tools
Numerical control and automation mould and material computer application technology (CAD / CAM / CAE / CAPP / PDM)
Industrial containers, tool containers, warehousing, logistics equipment, etc. other new machining technology and equipment

Industrial automation and machine man
Motion control technology: servo system, stepping system, direct drive system, frequency converter, PLC, human-machine interface, industrial computer, connector, sensor, encoder, fieldbus, industrial communication protocol, Internet of things, industrial communication and monitoring system, instruments, high and low voltage electrical appliances, industrial power supply, control button, wire and cable, pneumatic hydraulic actuator, chassis Cabinet, etc;
Mechanical transmission and professional equipment: screw rod, guide rail, linear module, reducer, cam intermittent device, bearing, coupling, tension sleeve, brake, dynamic balancing machine, electric tools, chain drive, belt drive, gear rack, motion control, servo motor, direct drive machine, hydraulic pneumatic components, mechanical elements, etc;
Robot and automation equipment: robot and application solutions, intelligent welding, polishing, robot application solutions, 3C integrated and non-standard equipment, machine vision and solutions, palletizing robot, handling robot, intelligent logistics and packaging, lock screw, solder, vibration plate, dispensing and other cooperative robot integrated solutions, robot workstation, robot intelligent Assembly line, etc.
Machine vision technology: line scan smart camera, color smart camera, black and white smart camera, CMOS smart camera, ID code reader, image processing software, machine vision tool software, industrial lens, FA lens, high resolution lens, image scanning lens, light source, intelligent vision, surface detection, etc;
Electronic intelligent manufacturing: electronic components, IC, PCB, connectors, sensors, integrated circuits; electronic product solutions; SMT technology and equipment, welding equipment and materials, testing and measurement, parts and control systems, mobile phone automation products, electronic manufacturing services, etc.; automatic robot automatic control integrated software;
Intelligent Factory Technology: intelligent production line and system integration, robot and automation system, industrial Internet of things technology, intelligent warehousing and logistics system, AGV automatic logistics equipment and system, AGV automatic carrier, AGV unmanned carrier, omnidirectional mobile AGV car, intelligent AGV car, etc.; intelligent assembly and transportation, online detection, etc;
Industrial automation information technology and software: Factory integrated management software, Industrial IT software, industrial basic systems and development tools, factory production software, cam splitter, FA factory automation parts, etc

Automotive Engineering and technology:
Body intelligent manufacturing, stamping production line, flexible welding production line, body connection technology, body process online and offline detection, quality monitoring system, safety protection system, quality control and testing;
Intelligent factory technology, industrial automation system, digital factory solution, intelligent online detection system, automobile coating equipment and technology, intelligent warehousing and logistics system, intelligent assembly and transportation, assembly line and system integration, high-speed transportation system;
Parts intelligent manufacturing, metal processing production line and manufacturing unit, powertrain production line and equipment, parts cleaning automobile engineering and service, scientific research institute, Design Institute, engineering general contracting;
Vehicle system, automotive semiconductors, electronic components and equipment, testing technology, ECU manufacturing and testing technology, vehicle software, driving assistance, automatic driving, vehicle thermal management

Plastics, rubber and packaging industry:

Plastic processing machinery: injection molding machine, extruder and production line, blow molding machine, plastic hollow molding machine, plastic calendering machine, tape casting machine, compression molding machine, roll molding machine, foam molding machine, vacuum molding machine, plastic crusher, plastic grinder, plastic mixer, plastic granulator, plastic thermoforming machine, plastic vacuum evaporation machine, plastic profile assembly machine and open mixer , mixer and other equipment;
Plastic packaging machinery: all kinds of packaging machinery and automatic production lines, food and drug packaging and box making machinery; all kinds of packaging machines and winding equipment, cup making machine, bowl making machine, can making machine, knitting machine, bag making machine, plastic packaging and printing machinery; label, inkjet, thin film technology, etc;
Rubber machinery: rubber machinery, tire machinery, extruder, calender, etc;

Costs & Precautions

Booth fee

Booth specifications

Domestic enterprises (RMB)

Foreign enterprises (USD)

Special exhibition space (no configuration)

Domestic enterprises880 yuan / m2

Overseas enterprises220USD / m2

Upgrade standardBooth 3 m x 3 M

Domestic enterprises8800Yuan / piece

Overseas enterprises2200 USD / piece

Booth configuration: enterprise name standard lintel, a negotiation table, two seats, two spotlights, a 250W / 220V power socket (excluding lighting and mechanical electricity), carpet, paper basket.

Open space: no configuration, 36Starting rent.

Every technical lecture8000 yuan, 2 hours per session. The organizing committee will provide a theater like meeting room for 60 people with necessary acoustics, microphones, conference banners, projectors and tea, and send letters to invite professionals to the exhibition through various publicity channels.


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