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Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center

Address:198 Binxi Avenue, Nanjiang, Chengmen Town, Cangshan District, Fuzhou
Area:380000 M²
Location:China-Fujian Province-Fuzhou City-Cangshan District


Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center is located in Cangshan District, Fuzhou City, adjacent to Minjiang River in the north and Fuzhou South Railway Station in the south. It is one of the largest single Convention and exhibition centers in China and the second largest convention and Exhibition Center in Asia. It was completed and put into use on May 18, 2010. Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center consists of conference center and two exhibition halls, covering an area of more than 2000 mu, with a total construction area of 380000 square meters, including 230000 square meters above the ground and 150000 square meters underground, which is 10 times the size of Fuzhou Jinshan Exhibition City, and its construction scale is in the forefront of the country.
The Convention and Exhibition Center is equipped with various public buildings and cultural and entertainment facilities. The surrounding road network is developed. The east end of nanjiangbin Avenue passes through the island. Gushan bridge and Kuiqi bridge cross the Minjiang River on the upstream and downstream of the Convention and Exhibition island. Pandun Road (some road signs are called "xiazhou road"), Linpu road and phase II of the Third Ring Road, together with Fuxia road and expressway connecting line, form the fourth exhibition island A traffic network connecting bada.
"This exhibition center is the highest level in Fuzhou at present. After completion, it will strive to win Luban Award for the highest quality of civil construction in China." According to the person in charge of the relevant departments in Fuzhou, the first-class German OBERMEYER architectural design institute came up with the design scheme, while the Beijing Architectural Design and research institute undertook the preliminary design and construction drawing design. The research institute has completed many design works of major projects in Beijing, such as the landmark construction of the Great Hall of the people, the National Museum, Beijing Capital Airport Terminal 3, etc Ji, in charge of the construction of the Convention and Exhibition Center is China Construction Co., Ltd., which has just completed the water cube, CCTV new station site and other projects.  
It is understood that Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center will use a large number of reinforced concrete structures and steel structures, and adhere to the design concept of energy conservation, environmental protection and multi-functional. First of all, the exhibition center uses glass walls, with thermal insulation layer inside. The roof is mainly metal roof, and equipped with multiple glass daylighting belts to assist the natural lighting of the exhibition hall and save electric energy. The roof mainly adopts the "free breathing" electrically openable metal roof, which can not only transition natural ventilation and lighting, but also be opened under the condition of fire warning and natural smoke exhaust. Located in the middle of the opening hall, will be all glass roof, natural lighting.

Exhibition hall scale
The exhibition hall has one floor underground and three floors above the ground, with a total building area of 300276m2. The two exhibition halls are respectively located on the East and west sides of the central axis of the exhibition Island, with a total length of 468m and a width of 130m. The net exhibition area of a single exhibition hall is 40000m2, which can be divided into four exhibition halls, and 2024 international standard booth is set. The first floor of the underground is a parking lot with 907 parking spaces and a commercial house with an area of 82000m2. The connection between the square and the underground commercial area is designed as a sinking square.
·Setting: exhibition hall, negotiation, office, catering (both sides of the East and West comprehensive service buildings on the north side of the exhibition hall), service office area, etc.  

Pavilion parameters
Exhibition area:
Hall 1, Hall 4, hall 5 and hall 8 are 9000m2; hall 2, hall 3, hall 6 and hall 7 are 11000M2.

Load bearing of exhibition hall:
Hall 1, Hall 4, hall 5 and hall 8 are 3 tons; hall 2, hall 3, hall 6 and hall 7 are 5 tons.

Conference Room
The conference center is located on the central axis of the exhibition Island, which is elliptical, 200m long and 110m wide. It has four floors above the ground and one underground. The total building area is 86144m2 (including 25306m2 of the first floor underground). The first floor is equipped with a multi-functional hall of the opening ceremony hall. The great hall is located on the second and third floors. In addition, there are various functional conference rooms such as the international conference hall.  
Notes to the general Hall of the Conference Center
·Hall area: pool base: 2530m2; second floor building: 470m2; total: 3000m2
·Stage: 35m long, 12.5m-15.0m deep, 1m high.  
·Representative seat: pool seat (with table): rostrum: About 196 seats; ordinary representative seat: 1122 seats; building seat: 478 seats, total seats: 1796 seats
·Seat standard: seats with voting device (seat spacing × row spacing): 600mm x 1300mm, the first row of seats on the podium (seat spacing × row spacing): 1000mm x 2000mm, the second row of seats on the podium and the following rows (seat spacing × row spacing): 800mm x 1750mm
Multi function hall description
·Hall area: 3263m2, clear height of hall: 9m, the whole hall ground is flat, the stage is temporarily set up, and the stage height is flexibly adjusted with different functions.  
·The multifunctional hall can meet the following functions: Banquet: 2000 people; press release Hall: 2000 people
Conference room description of Conference Center
·There are 31 meeting rooms in total, including 1 meeting room (4 floors) of 712m2, 5 rooms (3 rooms on the first floor and 2 rooms on the fourth floor) of 300-600m2, 6 rooms (5 rooms on the first floor and 1 room on the fourth floor) of 200-300m2, 11 rooms (5 rooms on the first floor, 4 rooms on the third floor and 2 rooms on the fourth floor) of 100-200m2, 8 rooms (3 rooms on the first floor and 5 rooms on the third floor) of less than 100m2;
·There are 9 VIP halls in total, including 4 VIP lounges on the first floor (less than 100m2), 3 head lounges on the second floor (less than 100m2, the Bureau lounge is 350m2), and 3 VIP lounges on the fourth floor (less than 150m2)




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