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Svenska m ä ssan, Gothenburg Convention and Exhibition Center

Address:40224 Gothenburg
Area:145000 M²


The Gothenburg Convention and Exhibition Center is located in the Scandinavia area. The total area of the exhibition center is 145000 square meters, of which the exhibition area is 41000 square meters.

Gothenburg Convention and Exhibition Center (Swedish: the World Expo in Sweden) is a convention and Exhibition Center entering the Scandinavian region of Gothenburg, Sweden, which attracts about 1.8 million tourists every year. It is Europe's largest, complete hotel and exhibition conference facilities, owned and operated by the non-profit foundation, the Swedish Convention and Exhibition Center Foundation. One third of the tower, built in 2011-2014, is located in the center of the site and is one of the five largest towers in Europe, with room capacity of more than 1200. The third tower is the tallest building (100 meters (330 feet)) in Gothenburg and the fourth highest in Sweden. In the early 1920s, various Swedish companies arranged exhibitions to promote Swedish industry. As a result, the idea of a conference center emerged and the official Swedish exhibition and Conference Center opened in early August 1918. Sweden's World Expo will be further expanded. In the 1970s, they began to organize courses and conferences, so conference and assembly facilities were built. The center has nine exhibition halls, 60 meeting rooms (can accommodate 2 to 8800 guests), 1500 people in the Capitol Hotel, eight restaurants, five bars and the largest hotel in Scandinavia, the hotel Gothenburg tower. The center has 41000 square meters (440000 square feet) of exhibitions and conferences, with about 30 exhibitors and 8000 exhibitors each year. The ceremony and banquet were held in the venue, with 8000 guests.



Bus Line

Gothenburg railway station → Gothenburg Convention and Exhibition Center

从Gothenburg Central Station, Drottningtorget, Göteborg, 瑞典
Swedish Masan, Masan street 20, 412 51 Gothenburg, 29790s;
(8 minutes)
Tram 213 departs from Gothenburg central station
2 minutes every 7 minutes

Gothenburg railway station → Gothenburg Convention and Exhibition Center

From Gothenburg Landvetter Airport, 438 80 to Svenska m ä ssan, m ä ssans GATA 20, 412 51 g ö teborg, Sweden
19 minutes (23.3 km)
Via highway 27 / 40
18 minutes (if the road is clear)
There are toll stations on this route


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