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The first Taipei Contemporary Art Fair was successfully concluded, attracting more than 28000 visitors

Publish Time: 2019-01-27   Hits: 13830 Editor: zixun2
During the three-day public open day, many private collectors and representatives of local, regional and international a


The Taipei Contemporary Art Fair was held in Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall from January 18 to 20, 2019, and was successfully concluded on January 20, 2019. The exhibition attracted more than 28000 visitors, including representatives of international collectors and important art institutions. The first Expo presented by UBS group brought 90 top galleries and launched "new view sharing platform".

During the three-day public open day, many private collectors and representatives of local, regional and international art institutions visited the first Taipei Contemporary Art Expo. Important guests include: Zheng Daolian, deputy director and general curator of M + in West Kowloon Cultural District, Hong Kong; Huang Youwen, curator of exhibition and co learning in Liuchang textile culture and Art Museum; Lin Ping, curator of Taipei Municipal Art Museum; Dr. URI hick, philanthropist; Yu Deyao, founder of art collectors and Yu Deyao foundation; Ma Rongyuan, curator of Pompidou Center in Paris; Tiffany, director of sovereign Art Foundation Pinkstone, director of the National Gallery of fine arts of Singapore, Dr. Chen Weide, collectors Lekha Poddar, deddy kusuma, Kim Camacho, Jaime Augusto zobel de Ayala II, Taiwan actress Jia Jingwen, art collectors Yao Qian and Kelvin Tsai.

In addition, the fair also witnessed a number of important collection and sponsorship groups of art institutions, including Gregor Muir, director of the acquisition and collection Committee of Tate Modern Art Museum, Clara Kim, senior curator of daskalopoulos of Tate Modern Art Museum, Sen Jiazi, director general of Tokyo Sen Art Museum, Nan Tiao Shisheng, curator, and Xu Hualin, director of Shanghai Baolong Art Museum.

During Taipei's contemporary appearance, major cultural institutions and art galleries in Taipei City competed to hold various exhibitions, flash exhibitions, artist performances and other special events, providing more unique opportunities for international visitors to explore the rich cultural context of Taipei city. The 11th Taipei Biennale, held by Taipei Art Museum, is a major event in the Taipei City and international art calendar, bringing many wonderful performances until March 2019.

"The effect of the first Taipei Contemporary Art Fair is far beyond our expectation," said Ren Tianjin, Taipei's contemporary director. The presentation of the exhibition gallery, excellent art quality, diversified innovation and well planned booth, as well as the positive response of the general public and art professionals, have repeatedly proved that we are moving in the right direction. This is a pure art event that brings together industry leaders, top art collectors, top galleries and art institutions. It also proves the great success of Taipei's debut. We sincerely appreciate the efforts, trust and enthusiasm of all participating galleries, creative project speakers, sponsors, sponsors and all visitors. We look forward to the coming of next year. "  

"We are honored to host this world-class art fair in Taiwan," said Chen Yunmao, head of UBS group in Taiwan and executive director of UBS wealth management in Taiwan. Our successful cooperation with Taipei Contemporary provides our customers, employees and the public with a unique window to fully understand contemporary art. We look forward to working together to promote our work and prepare for the second Art Expo in 2020. "

From more than 160 applications, 90 galleries have been carefully selected by the Taipei Contemporary International Jury, each of which is dedicated to creating creative exhibition stands, including wonderful and diversified group exhibitions and super high quality individual exhibitions, which are located in four exhibition areas of the art fair. The exhibition area of gallery essence presents 73 exhibitors from different regions of the world; the exhibition area of new gallery focuses on four emerging young galleries in Asia; the individual exhibition area displays the works of new and famous artists recommended by 13 different galleries in the form of individual exhibition; while the art and culture salon exhibition area is the unique concept of Taipei Contemporary Art Exhibition, and works with a price of less than 8000 US dollars are selected for exhibition in this exhibition area In order to attract more young and new collectors.

Lin Daiwei, director of the great future Gallery, said: "our important collectors from all over Taiwan have come to Taipei to participate in the first Taipei Contemporary Art Fair. We found that the Expo has brought remarkable international attention to the city. The exhibition of local affiliated galleries and Taiwanese artists have also benefited a lot from the international effect of this new platform. "

Zhou Xiaowen, Asia director of White Cube Gallery, said: "we are very surprised by the sales performance of Taipei Contemporary, and are very happy to participate in the first exhibition with Taiwan and most customers from Asia with a warm and enterprising attitude. On the day of the art fair, we successfully sold a number of important works, including Anthony Grimley's cast iron sculpture, George Barcelona's painting, Anselm Kiefer's glass cabinet work, Darren Armon's grid work, etc. Two of them will be collected by the art and cultural institutions in the region, and will be displayed in public in due time. "

During the three-day public day of the Art Fair from January 18 to 20, the new perspective sharing platform brought together elite artists and industry experts from all over the world. Through activities across different sectors, it held daily discussions and debates on the themes of the past, the present and the future. This well-designed program with rich contents includes eight lectures, which are hosted by 22 speakers, focusing on contemporary art practice, curation, Asian Gallery landscape and future prospects of digital art. The main speakers include Lin Shouyu, Li Yuanjia, Liang Huigui, haegue Yang, Wu Jian'an, Wu Gengzhen, Cai Jiawei and teamlab. The program also invited leading industry experts, such as Xie peini, President of Taiwan International Art Critics Association, Ma Weizhong, curator of M + ink Museum, Yao Qian, collector, Zhou Amman, curator of Hong Kong art space, Xu Wenrui, independent curator, Bai Huiyi, editor in chief of ocula, and representatives of four major exhibition galleries in the new gallery area.

Art organizations around Taipei hold a number of art activities for the week. Taipei Art Museum launched a special tour of Taipei Biennale, and the National Palace Museum provided a special tour of classic collections. Taipei Contemporary Art Center carefully screened and launched a series of animation works, while jut art museum also invited visitors to visit the museum at the same time.

Many local galleries attended the "Taipei Gallery night" held on the evening of January 16, witnessing the opening of 20 different exhibitions and the arrival of other special events. Both art galleries, Android art and just on the picturesque Taipei mountains in the art space, preside over a new Yaoshan night. Sean Kelly gallery opened a new planning space in the city, and Hong Kong World gallery also launched special solo exhibitions and "echo" projects to celebrate the booming art environment in Taipei and the success of the first Art Expo.


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