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The 21st China Redwood Furniture Culture Expo in 2024

Publish Time: 2024-02-02   Hits: 49602 Editor: zixun1
The Derived China Redwood Furniture Culture Expo is a top-level redwood furniture cultural exhibition jointly created by the China Furniture Association and Beijing Global Bowei International Exhibiti...


2024The 21st China Redwood Furniture Culture Expo

The Derived China Redwood Furniture Culture Expo is a top-level redwood furniture cultural exhibition jointly created by the China Furniture Association and Beijing Global Bowei International Exhibition Co., Ltd. It has been successfully held twice in Beijing, attracting numerous redwood furniture production areas and hundreds of redwood furniture enterprises from all over the country to participate, becoming an annual event in the redwood furniture industry. The Derived Redwood Expo, led by leading enterprises in the redwood furniture industry, showcases the outstanding achievements of the current redwood industry development and has formed a mature model of one exhibition, one meeting, and one award. Promote market transactions through exhibitions, promote communication and development through conferences, empower enterprises and works with awards, and optimize the upgrading of the rosewood industry.

Since 2008, the China Beijing Redwood Furniture Culture Expo has been successfully held in Beijing for 20 sessions, covering exhibition venues such as the China International Exhibition Center, Beijing Exhibition Hall, and National Agricultural Exhibition Hall. It is the most influential redwood furniture exhibition in the northern region, with a strong audience base, and has played an important role in redwood furniture exhibitions, exchanges, and other aspects.

2024The year is the final year of the great goal of comprehensively revitalizing traditional culture. Redwood furniture, as an important carrier of Chinese civilization, inherits the excellent genes of Chinese culture and is the "smart manufacturing" of China that has been accumulated for thousands of years. The prosperity of the redwood furniture industry is the continuation and promotion of the vitality of China's excellent traditional culture in contemporary times. Don't forget the original, absorb external factors, and face the future. In 2024, the rosewood furniture industry will also usher in new development vitality in the tide of traditional cultural revival.


Exhibition time: May 30th to June 2nd, 2024

Exhibition Hall: Beijing China International Exhibition Center (Chaoyang Hall)

Exhibition Hall Address: No. 6 North Third Ring East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Organizer: China Furniture Association


Audience composition:

Professional audience: upstream and downstream enterprises, manufacturers and distributors related to the rosewood furniture industry, cultural research institutions, rosewood production area associations, art institutions, auction houses, collectors, etc.

Ordinary audience: mahogany enthusiasts, high-end clubs, company procurement leaders, villa and high-end residential owners, high net worth customers of banks, members of mid to high end automotive 4S stores, and other end consumers.

Important guests: Leaders from important units such as the Light Industry Federation, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the People's Republic of China, the National Palace Museum, the National Museum of History, CCTV Treasure Appraisal, and the Presidium of the Traditional Furniture Professional Committee.

Media promotion

Authoritative online media+trendy new media+TV media+outdoor media take CCTV, People's Daily Online, Xinhuanet and other authoritative media as the height of publicity, cover today's Toutiao, Sohu, Sina Finance, Sina Home, Tencent Home, Phoenix and other relevant portal websites, continue to promote new media such as Tiktok video, today's Toutiao video, Kwai video, and assist high-end business circles, residential outdoor media to launch, forming a three-dimensional and effective communication network, with millions of advertising traffic+


Exhibition area division

Centennial Collection: Exhibition Area for Traditional Redwood Furniture Boutique

Revival of Ancient Charm: A New Exhibition Area for Chinese Hardwood Furniture

Regional Style: Exhibition Area of One Key Redwood Furniture Production Area

High end Customization: Customized Redwood Furniture Exhibition Area

China-Chic Gift: Wooden Composition and Gift Exhibition Area

National style lifestyle: exhibition area for Chinese style household appliances

Exhibition scope

1Boutique Redwood Furniture: Boutique Redwood Furniture from genres such as Jingzuo, Suzuo, Guangzuo, Xianzuo, and Dongzuo.

2New Chinese Hardwood Furniture: New Chinese furniture with a distinct design style and excellent craftsmanship.

3High end customized furniture: high-end customized and whole house customized redwood furniture and hardwood furniture products.

4China-Chic Cultural and Creative Exhibits: rosewood cultural and creative products, rosewood small pieces, rosewood gifts, rosewood handicrafts, etc.

5Chinese style lifestyle exhibits: Four Treasures of the Study, Qin, Chess, Calligraphy and Painting, Purple Clay, Ceramics, Incense, Tea Ware, Tea Leaves, and other collectibles.


Exhibition Liaison of the Organizing Committee of China Redwood Furniture Expo:

Contact person: Xu Xinjian 15800367175 (same WeChat account)

Fax: 010-84414266


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