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China International Trade Center

Address:515, tower 2, Guomao office building, No. 1, Jianguomenwai street, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Area:560000 M²
Location:China-Beijing City-Chaoyang District


Beijing International Trade Exhibition Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China International Trade Center Co., Ltd. It is the executive director unit of China Exhibition Association, a member of International Exhibition Industry Association (UFI), a member unit of National Convention and Exhibition Standardization Committee, a chairman unit of Beijing Coffee Industry Association, and a professional Association approved by the Ministry of commerce with the qualification of group exhibition Exhibition company (hereinafter referred to as "International Trade Exhibition").

Since 1989, international trade exhibition has been operating international trade exhibition hall. It has undertaken thousands of exhibitions, exhibitions, public relations activities and conferences. It has accumulated rich experience in exhibition hall management and has a complete exhibition hall management team. It is authorized to operate international trade exhibition center in Beijing and entrusted to act as the preparatory consultant of "world business Valley".

International trade exhibition has a perfect management and operation team, with rich experience and huge database resources in planning, investment promotion, publicity, audience organization, exhibition design, on-site management and service of exhibitions at home and abroad. For many years, we have cooperated with relevant organizations to host China International Clothing and apparel Exposition (CHIC), China Med, China International Modern Railway Technology and Equipment Exhibition (modern railways), Beijing international urban rail transit construction, operation and Equipment Exhibition (Metro China), Beijing international business aviation exhibition (cibas), China Many international large-scale exhibitions and activities, such as CCE, CICE, cottm, Beijing International Toy and preschool education equipment exhibition, etc. He has been responsible for the overseas exhibition tour of "China seal · Li Lanqing seal cutting calligraphy art exhibition" for many years, and organized a number of domestic enterprises to participate in international exhibitions such as photokina, French food exhibition, innotrans, etc. on a regular basis every year. To organize and undertake the operation of financial exhibition area, new energy exhibition area, chain operation exhibition area and forum organization work of central China Expo, China Arab Expo, Northeast Asia Expo, China ASEAN Expo and other domestic large-scale exhibitions. The business scope covers business, culture, tourism, medical treatment, environmental protection, education and other fields, enjoying a high reputation in the exhibition industry at home and abroad.



The information on this site comes from the network and related members, and the website has done its duty to review it. Due to the uncontrollability of the process of organizing the exhibition, some of the exhibition information in the station may change the subject matter, Extending or cancelling the event, please exhibitors and visitors must check with each other again before exhibiting! All the exhibitions in this site are not hosted / co-organized or organized, if there are any disputes during the exhibition, please hold the main responsibility of the exhibition organization! QQ Email: 523138820@qq.com WeChat: 523138820 Mobile: 15313206870

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