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Looking forward to the world mobile conference: what innovative technologies will mobile phone manufacturers release?

Publish Time: 2019-01-26   Hits: 11275 Editor: zixun2
In addition to Motorola, Chinese brand Xiaomi has also been exposed a group of dynamic pictures of folding mobile phones


MWC is about a month away from the opening of the world mobile communication conference. Compared with CES, MWC is more focused on communication technology exhibition. Every year, many mobile phone manufacturers choose to show the latest generation of mobile phone technology on MWC. This year, what innovative technologies will mobile phone manufacturers release around MWC?

1. Multi screen ratio

Recently, Sony has begun to send invitations to the media. The company will hold a press conference on the morning of February 25 local time. It is expected that it will officially release its new flagship product Xperia xz4 at the event site.

It is reported that this mobile phone is made of metal and glass, and its frame will be thinner than Xperia xz3. On the whole, Sony Xperia xz4 adopts a 6.5-inch full screen design, with a aspect ratio of 21:9, and three cameras on the back.

In addition, Xperia xz4 will be equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 855 64 bit eight core processor, and the battery capacity may be around 4000mAh. The device is pre installed with Android 9 pie operating system, and fingerprint scanner will be configured under the screen.

2. Multi fold form

In this year's CES, many manufacturers have demonstrated their own flexible screen technology. According to the latest news, Motorola, once the leader of mobile phone industry, will now launch its own flexible screen mobile phone. Reported that Motorola's classic mobile phone moto Razr will return this year, and it is likely to adopt a flexible folding screen design.

Industry insiders expect the new moto Razr to cost more than $1500. However, the release time of the new Razr has not been determined, and more information may be released at the MWC conference in 2019.

In addition to Motorola, Chinese brand Xiaomi has also been exposed a group of dynamic pictures of folding mobile phones. As can be seen from the picture, Xiaomi's folding screen mobile phone is folded from both sides. Xiaomi participated in MWC for the first time last year. This year, Xiaomi officially confirmed that it will hold MWC 2019 pre exhibition activities on February 24.

3. Large area screen fingerprint

Recently, oppo held a conference in China to show a number of black technologies related to mobile phones, of which the most prominent one is the optical domain screen fingerprint. Oppo may further show the technology in MWC 2019.

The effective identification area of the common optical screen fingerprint mobile phones on the market is usually only a small point, and the area of the optical screen fingerprint is much larger. The official statement of oppo is "the identification area is 15 times of the current mainstream optical fingerprint".

It can be said that a larger screen fingerprint identification area is the direction of mobile phone manufacturers to work together. Xiaomi, vivo, Huawei, Samsung, Qualcomm, huiding and other upstream and downstream manufacturers are all making efforts for the realization and mass production of this technology.

In 2019, when the screen fingerprint identification technology will accelerate to sink to the low and medium-end mobile phones, the large-scale screen fingerprint identification technology will be one of the best tools to increase the premium of flagship mobile phones.


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