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Kunming International Exhibition Center

Address:2 / F, gate 8, exhibition center, 289 Chuncheng Road, Guandu District, Kunming City, Yunnan Province
Area:150000 M²
Location:China-Yunnan Province-Kunming City-Guandu District


Kunming International Convention and Exhibition Center is located in Kunming, the capital of Yunnan Province. It has four seasons like spring and pleasant climate. It is one of the first batch of excellent tourist cities in China. There are more than 200 star hotels in the city, which can receive 110000 people at the same time. With convenient transportation, it is the sixth largest airport in China and has good conditions for holding exhibitions. Yunnan's magic, beautiful, colorful national culture, unique tourism resources, as well as the location advantages of connecting Southeast Asia and South Asia, provide a broad space for the development of Yunnan's exhibition industry. Yunnan provincial Party committee and provincial government attach great importance to the development of exhibition industry, and are implementing the construction of Kunming International Exhibition Center as a leading exhibition enterprise of "domestic advanced and Western first-class".

Kunming International Convention and Exhibition Center, subordinate to the people's Government of Yunnan Province, is a new type of convention and exhibition enterprise with rich exhibition experience and "one-stop" high-quality service, integrating exhibition, conference, commerce, information, advertisement, catering, hotel, fitness and entertainment and other comprehensive service functions. It has become one of the preferred places to hold various international and domestic large-scale exhibitions. Kunming International Convention and Exhibition Center has become a member of International Exhibition Management Association (IAEM) and a director unit of China Exhibition Hall Association.

Since the establishment of Kunming International Convention and Exhibition Center in 1993, it has successfully held successive international and domestic conferences and exhibitions such as "China Kunming Import and Export Fair", "National Medical Equipment Fair", "China International Tourism Fair", "world potato conference", etc., which has created good social and economic benefits, and has been rated as "comprehensive" by China Convention and Exhibition annual meeting The best exhibition venues for joint services ". In the selection of national exhibition cities by news media, Kunming was rated as one of the "most influential exhibition cities in China".

In order to promote the steady and rapid development of Yunnan's exhibition industry, build Kunming into an International Exhibition Center for Southeast Asia and South Asia, and better promote Yunnan's economic construction and opening to the outside world with exhibition, Kunming International Exhibition Center will provide first-class exhibition service platform for Chinese and foreign merchants with high-quality services, and make response in the development of the western region and the construction of China ASEAN Free Trade Area Some have made contributions to better serve the whole country, ASEAN and all parties.

Exhibition hall scale
The exhibition hall covers an area of 125000 square meters, with a building area of more than 150000 square meters, and an exhibition area of 70000 square meters. It can build 3000 international standard booths. It has the leading unit large space exhibition hall at home and abroad (floor height of 17 meters, span of 76 meters, opening of 72 meters, load of 3 tons / m2) and a large multi-functional hall (equipped with more than 2000 simultaneous interpretation systems and two 200 inch large-scale high brightness rear projection) which can accommodate 2000 people's banquets and 3000 people's meetings; it can meet all kinds of international and domestic meetings of 50-3000 people; it has multi-functional hall and office building , business hotel, fitness center and more than 1000 parking spaces.

Pavilion parameters
Hall 1: 5600m2, 260 international standard booths, hall 2: 5600m2, 260 international standard booths, hall 3: 7700m2, 392 international standard booths, Hall 4: 11620m2, 624 international standard booths, hall 5: 9520m2, 492 international standard booths International standard booth, hall 6: 9520 square meters, 492 international standard booths can be built, 7 Central Plaza: 11200 square meters, 600 international standard booths can be built.

Expo Hall: with an area of 4000 square meters, it can accommodate 3000 people for meetings and 1500 people for banquets. Equipped with 2000 sets of 6-channel simultaneous interpretation system and 2 200 inch high brightness rear projection. It has meeting, banquet and performance functions of different specifications.

International Conference Hall 1
(Philips DCN digital network conference system)
The simultaneous interpretation of six languages can receive 300 people's wireless (infrared) reception; fixed equipment: one chairman machine, thirteen representatives machines, and can be used for mutual adjustment with three chairmen machines and 46 representatives machines in conference hall 3, 4 and 5 through the reserved interface; high definition, high brightness graphics and images can be provided through the Barco multimedia projector; and Three sets of Philips VCM video cameras are arranged in the conference hall to realize the cross regional real-time transmission of video.  

International Conference Hall 2
(Philips ccs400 analog conference system)
A. simultaneous interpretation in six languages connected with the international conference hall 1, which can receive 50 people in wireless (infrared) mode
B. fixed equipment: one chairman machine and forty-five representative machines
C. use three gun projector
D. realize the real-time transmission of video through two sets of Philips VCM video cameras arranged in the venue.

3、 International Conference Hall 4 and 5
(Philips DCN digital network conference system)
A. simultaneous interpretation in six languages connected with international conference hall 1 can receive 26 to 28 people by wire
B. fixed equipment: one chairman machine, twenty-six to twenty-eight representative machines
C. provide high-definition image and text information through a set of (mobile) Toshiba multimedia physical projector
D. realize real-time video transmission through a set of (mobile) Philips VCM cameras arranged in the venue




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