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Shalongda square, Jingzhou City

Address:235-8 middle Beijing Road, Shashi District, Jingzhou City
Area:16000 M²
Location:China-Hubei province-jingzhou-Shashi District


Sanonda Plaza is jointly constructed by Jingzhou Construction Committee and Sanonda group company, named after Sanonda group company. The project was officially started by Jingzhou Municipal People's Government on April 30, 1999, and opened to the public on October 1, 1999, the 50th anniversary of national day.  
Sanonda square is the central square of Jingzhou City. It has a long history and culture. It is located in the leisure square with cultural connotation. It covers an area of 70000 square meters, with a total length of 700 meters and a width of 70-120 meters. It is in a curved tape. Jingjiang levee in the South leads the wind of the Yangtze River into the city: Jiangjin Lake Scenic Area in the North forms a unique landscape corridor; salonda square has a beautiful environment and complete facilities, which is a good place for citizens to have leisure and entertainment, as well as the best place for folk customs and public welfare activities. Because it is located in the bustling city center, with convenient transportation and large flow of people, it is an excellent harbor for commercial activities and commodity trading. In recent years, it has taken a gratifying step to enrich the Jingzhou market, build a plaza brand, and serve the strategy of prospering the city through industry. In 2004, it was awarded the honorary title of "national characteristic cultural square".  
The planning and construction of the square is based on the high starting point positioning of conforming to the nature, continuing the history, putting people first, shaping the city image, and looking forward to the new century, and making full use of the field environment conditions. From north to south, it is divided into four functional areas: distribution square, green square, waterscape square and leisure square.

Exhibition hall scale
The distribution square of Sanonda square in Jingzhou City covers an area of 16000 square meters, with spacious space for tents. The central stage can hold various large-scale exhibitions, commercial performances, commercial publicity activities, etc., and the exhibition Peng can be equipped with a 3x3 international standard room. It can be said that Sanonda square is a rare exhibition space.




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