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Harbin International Exhibition Sports Center

Address:301 Hongqi Street, Nangang District, Harbin
Area:320000 M²
Location:China-Heilongjiang Province-Harbin City-Nangang District


Harbin International Convention and Exhibition Sports Center is a key project in Heilongjiang Province and Harbin city. The center is located in the northeast of Harbin Economic Development Zone. After its completion, it will carry the historical mission of boosting Harbin to become an international center city of Eurasian Economic Circle, and it is an important window for international cooperation and exchange between Heilongjiang and Eurasian Economic Circle.  

Harbin International Convention and Exhibition Sports Center covers a total area of 63 hectares, with a total building area of 320000 square meters. It is a comprehensive exhibition hall integrating international large-scale sports events, expositions, economic and trade negotiations and commodity transactions. It includes a gymnasium with a capacity of 50000 people, Hongbo century square with a commercial area of 80000 square meters, senior Conference Center, exhibition hall, five-star hotel and other supporting facilities.  

The whole exhibition and Sports Center actually covers an area of 43 hectares. Among them, the green area is 130000 square meters, and other square areas are 50000 square meters. By June this year, 80000 square meters of green landscape will be completed in the main square. It is understood that the main landscape of the square is a "dragon" shaped green belt of more than 40000 square meters, which organically links the exhibition center, International Conference Center and 50000 people's stadium. It is composed of 600000 shrubs, mainly including 15 tree species such as Shuila, Spiraea, juniper, etc. The dragon shaped strip landscape is set with different elevations in different parts through filling, which is like a dancing dragon, with a strong sense of three-dimensional.

The exhibition center has a parking lot with an area of 30000 square meters, and only a green parking lot with an area of 12000 square meters can solve more than 500 parking spaces. The Convention and Exhibition Center will fully reflect the intelligence -- 24-hour video monitoring is everywhere, the video system is combined with the fire protection and anti-theft alarm system, the audience must use the magnetic card ticket system to pass; the outdoor display screen can live broadcast the game on site, and edit the wonderful lens; after the car enters the parking lot, the display screen can show which area has space, and prompt the guidance.

Exhibition hall scale
Harbin International Convention and Exhibition Sports Center covers a total area of 63 hectares, with a total building area of 320000 square meters, and the main building area of 220000 square meters,. It has more than 2000 standard international booths, medium and high-end conference rooms, news release centers, and a four-star hotel on the 38th floor.




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