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Nanjing Planning and Construction Exhibition Hall

Address:22 Xuanwu Road, Xuanwu District, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province
Area:25000 M²
Location:China-Jiangsu Province-Nanjing City-Xuanwu District


Nanjing Planning and construction exhibition hall was built and opened in 2005. It is a large exhibition hall to show the history of urban construction, urban construction achievements and development planning of Nanjing in the past 2500 years. It is an important place for provincial Party committee, provincial government, municipal Party committee, municipal government, provincial and municipal Foreign Affairs Office and other departments to receive superior leaders, provincial and municipal Party and government delegations, foreign friends and social groups. It is also an important place for foreign guests and Nanjing citizens to understand The city living room and window of Nanjing. It has been named "patriotism education base" of Jiangsu Province and Nanjing City successively, and the youth education activity base of Nanjing city. It is an important venue for youth adult ceremony, League (team) and other important activities.
Nanjing Planning and construction exhibition hall is located in the west side of the main entrance of Xuanwu Lake of the famous scenic area "City Central Park", the east end of Hunan Road of Nanjing second business circle, the south side of Xuanwu Gate Station of metro, and the west side of Central Road, an important traffic road. Its geographical location is very superior. The whole Museum covers an area of 23000 ㎡, with a building area of 35000 ㎡, of which the planned exhibition hall area is 15500 ㎡.
The main building of the exhibition hall is rectangular, and the huge glass curtain wall is decorated with granite arch door. It combines the modern beauty with the simple beauty organically, and has a unique artistic style. It is one of the earliest projects in our province to win Luban Prize.
In the middle of the hall on the first floor is the preface hall, which is decorated with scroll shaped copper carvings. On the opened pages are Sun Yat-sen's discussion on the city and the outline of Nanjing City in the Ming Dynasty. The front theme wall is a large-scale embroidery work of green Nanjing, and the surrounding Exhibition wall presents the 48 sceneries murals of Jinling. The 600 ㎡ planning publicity hall in the east of the hall regularly publicizes the important regulatory detailed planning, construction detailed planning, important regional planning and major project planning of our city. The West and north part of the first floor hall is a temporary exhibition place which is composed of about 4000 ㎡ exhibition hall and 3000 ㎡ west square to undertake small and medium-sized boutique exhibitions, trade fairs and other public welfare activities.
The hall on the second floor has exhibition areas such as urban construction history hall, urban planning hall, exhibition hall of ten major functional blocks, exhibition hall of major projects under construction, panoramic model Hall of the main city, multi-functional conference hall, etc. The historical Hall of urban construction, which is composed of the history of urban construction, the cultural history of the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties, the classical architecture, the architecture of the Republic of China and the representative historical and cultural landscape, highlights the historical context of the capital of the ten dynasties for nearly 2500 years.
The third floor is Nanjing social and economic development achievement exhibition. In the digital stereoscopic theater on the east side, the film "years of Jinling" is shown to reproduce the 2500 years of Nanjing's profound historical and cultural heritage, and the stereoscopic film "Nanjing outlook" is a blueprint for the future. To the south is the reception area for meetings and conferences.
Nanjing Planning and construction exhibition hall, with its city name card, city living room, city window and city guide, presents a beautiful picture of "intelligent Nanjing and cultural green city" to all walks of life.  

Exhibition hall scale
Covering an area of 33000 square meters, the exhibition hall has a building area of 25000 square meters and a usable area of 16414 square meters. The whole exhibition hall is in a long hexagon. There are 11 elegant and distinctive negotiation rooms, 2610 square meters of garage and 600 square meters of warehouse in the bottom Hall of the exhibition hall.




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