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Zhongshan Huangpu International Exhibition Center

Address:25 Jiancheng Road, Huangpu town, the suburb of Zhongshan City
Area:10000 M²
Location:China-Guangdong Province-zhongshan


Zhongshan Huangpu International Convention and Exhibition Center is located in Zhongshan City, the hometown of a generation of great sun Yat-sen. it is located in China's food industry demonstration base (Huangpu), with Beijing Zhuhai Expressway in the East, Guangzhou Zhuhai west line and Guangzhou Zhuhai light rail in the West. Covering an area of 72 mu, the exhibition area is 40000 square meters, including 10000 square meters for the main hall and 30000 square meters for the auxiliary hall, with an investment of more than 200 million yuan. The exhibition hall adopts the structure of steel grid and glass curtain wall. The grid structure is intricate and interwoven, the glass curtain rings back to the lighting, the design is novel and atmospheric, fashionable and elegant, and it is one of the highest standard exhibition halls in China at present.  

The exhibition center integrates exhibition service, trade negotiation, catering and accommodation, and is divided into a main hall, a multi-functional trade center and a four-star hotel. In order to meet the needs of internationalization, the intelligent monitoring system and automatic fire sprinkler system with high safety and reliability are adopted in the exhibition hall, which are not only equipped with communication facilities, public address, central air conditioning, numerical control lighting system, automatic power support system, but also equipped with supporting facilities such as anti theft digital monitoring equipment, touch query device, etc., so as to realize informatization and modernization Management and intelligent, scientific supporting. The exhibition center is well landscaped, with 13000 square meters of exhibition square, which is wide and atmospheric, and can be used for holding grand opening ceremony and various activities. There are more than 20000 square meters of outdoor exhibition area, which can be built as large-scale pavilion exhibition area as required, and equipped with many large parking lots, suitable for holding various international exhibitions.  

Since its completion in 2005, Huangpu International Convention and Exhibition Center has successfully held nearly 100 food industry economic and trade fairs, China small home appliances fair, industrial equipment exhibition and various kinds of consumer exhibitions, with a total exhibition area of more than 1 million square meters. The main exhibition has won many national awards. It has injected new vitality into the economic development of the Pearl River Delta region, built a trade exchange platform for Chinese and foreign food and home appliance industries, and won high praise from professionals and Chinese and foreign businessmen.

Exhibition hall scale
Covering an area of 72 mu, with a construction area of 10000 square meters, the exhibition center is well landscaped. The central square of more than 13000 square meters is broad and atmospheric, with an area of about 5000 square meters. Large outdoor exhibition areas can be built as required




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