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The 15th China (Beijing) international education brand franchise Expo 2021
Industry: Office / Culture & Education / Art
Cycle: Twice a year
Time: 2021/06/23 - 06/25 (Wed To Fri Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Chaoyang District · Beijing China International Exhibition Center - old museum ChinaBeijingChaoyang District 6 North Third Ring Road East, Beijing
Sponsor:Beijing Hezhong Exhibition Co., Ltd
Organizer:Beijing Zhonghe Qiyuan Education Technology Co., Ltd
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China International Education brand franchise Expo, abbreviated as "United Education franchise Expo", takes franchise cooperation as its orientation, and is committed to promoting high-quality education and training projects, so as to help the standardized and orderly development of China's private education. With the support of the Ministry of education, the Ministry of culture and tourism and the all China Federation of industry and commerce, united education has become a top event in the field of education and training in China after more than ten years of accumulation and development. Hezhong Education Alliance exhibition focuses on the joining projects of "organization branding, project integration, course personalization, standard internationalization, mode diversification, means diversification and service value-added" to the high-quality education industry resources, concentrated educators and entrepreneurs who intend to join in the field of education. The exhibition is held every year in various regions of the country, radiating the national education market and becoming an important promotion platform for domestic and foreign education brands to join in and expand market share.

The 13th United Education Franchise Exhibition was held in Beijing China International Exhibition Center (jing'anzhuang Museum). As the most professional education brand franchise exhibition in China, more than 200 enterprises, more than 300 brands and 30000 professional visitors attended the exhibition. Among them, art, English, eloquence and makers attracted customers' attention.

Previous exhibitors include future magic school, leader 1 on 1, squirrel AI, geek Morningstar, find smart piano, youxuetang, Haifeng education, No.4 Middle School online school, eurothink, two Orioles, Chuanda Phoenix, giant Education (Elite Education), Lerong children's home, Maria Montessori, pea language, youzan, meiyuanbang, linfengtang, modern education, Yidu education, Ebbinghaus , New York International Children's club, sports baby, Mala teacher, vipjr, xueleshan, Huaxia baby, Zhuoyue children's sports hall, Lisa International English, Wuyu school, Jingtan, qitianzhen, happy Rubik's cube composition, egar mathematics, Aida reading, Zhongchuan Beiguang, Leju robot, building block workshop, blue flag parent-child swimming, alpha AI, Aiku sports, Stonehenge Imagination English, grape seed English, zuoyin art, Baba space, pini, meisten machine, Qiren programming center, children's painting art, future Academy of fine arts, magic cube, brain technology, Meiling music, Demi and me, tree children's English, children's star model, Xiaohe technology, Tencent EC, the most beautiful Chinese characters, Fengtang art, Da Mo dandelion, Xiaoying Tongan, etc It's a brand participation.


Online education platform:
One to one tutoring, online tutoring, online tutoring platform, online English, online education platform, etc
Extracurricular counseling and education institutions:
Major Chinese, composition training, Chinese classics, English training, mathematics training, guidance for further studies, artificial intelligence teaching, intelligent adaptation teaching, calligraphy education, potential education, memory training, EQ education, brain development, sentiment training, logical thinking, etc
Maker Education:
Stem / steam education, programming education, robot education, scientific experiment courses, 3D printing related courses and solutions, etc
Pre school institutions:
Early education institutions, kindergartens, children's street access, child care, intellectual development, parent-child education, early childhood education and so on
Art Education:
Training of musical instruments, musical performance, eloquence, etc
Children's sports:
Ball games operation, children's physical training, fencing, outward bound training, taekwondo, martial arts, youpai, etc
Development education program:
Camp education, field camping: winter and summer camp, study tour education, study abroad education, etc
Other kinds of education and training programs at all levels and related products and services of educational institutions

Costs & Precautions

the measure of area: 20000 square meters


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