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The 25th China International Cement Technology and Equipment Exhibition

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2023 is a year full of challenges and changes for the cement industry. Affected by the slowdown of global economic growth, the deep adjustment of the domestic real estate industry, the continuous slow...


The 25th China International Cement Technology and Equipment Exhibition


June 26-28, 2024 Wuhan International Expo Center

Organizer: China Building Materials Federation China Cement Association

China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Building Materials Industry Branch

Co organizer: Hubei Cement Industry Association

Co organizer: China National Building Materials Group Co., Ltd

Turkish Cement Association

Undertaking unit: Beijing Aike Beisheng Technology Co., Ltd

Beijing Jianzhan Technology Development Co., Ltd

Beijing Yubo International Exhibition Co., Ltd

Arab League Cement and Building Materials Organization

Vietnam Cement Association

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2023 is a year full of challenges and changes for the cement industry. Affected by the slowdown in global economic growth, deep adjustments in the domestic real estate industry, and a sustained slowdown in the growth rate of fixed asset investment and infrastructure investment, the demand for cement in the national market continues to be weak. According to statistics from the National Bureau of Statistics, the cumulative cement production in China in the first three quarters was 1.495 billion tons, a year-on-year decrease of 0.7%, the lowest level since the same period in 2011. It is expected that with the issuance of trillion yuan government bonds in the fourth quarter, cement demand and profitability will rebound, and the loss area will shrink.

Looking ahead to 2024, intelligent, digital, low-carbon, and green development will continue to be the focus of industry development. Cement enterprises need to further seek opportunities from challenges, improve innovation capabilities and management levels, continuously optimize product structure, actively adapt to changes in market demand, and achieve green, low-carbon, and sustainable development. (For more industry data information, please follow the official website of China Cement Association)


The China International Cement Technology and Equipment Exhibition (CEMENTTECH), as a leading indicator of the development of the cement industry, will once again connect the world and become a professional platform for global communication and cooperation among colleagues in the cement industry in 2023. Professional visitors and procurement groups from more than 20 countries and regions, including Brazil, Russia, Malaysia, India, Tanzania, Türkiye, the Middle East, Kazakhstan, Ecuador, Spain, Austria and Cote d'Ivoire, gathered together to focus on the innovation and development of world cement equipment and technology.

The 25th China International Cement Technology and Equipment Exhibition will continue to be committed to promoting industry innovation, working together with world-class suppliers to showcase leading technologies and equipment in the industry, jointly creating a rich and colorful exhibition activities, providing a one-stop communication and exchange service platform for more exhibiting enterprises and professional visitors at home and abroad, opening up two-way trade channels for Chinese cement enterprises to go out and introduce overseas brands, and building the exhibition into a more diversified and professional social platform for the cement industry.

Simultaneous Forum - Main Conference Activities during the 2024 International Cement Exhibition (Proposed)

2024 Top 50 Cement Industry Forum and Council Meeting

The 4th National Cement Industry Green Intelligent Packaging, Transportation, and Measurement System Technical Exchange Conference

Related meetings of the Special Cement Branch of the China Cement Association

The 7th China Cement Industry Burning System Optimization and Transformation Technology Seminar

2024 Global Cement Industry Low Carbon Development Summit Forum

More activities, looking forward to your joint participation!


Exhibition scope

Domestic and foreign cement engineering general contracting enterprises;

Mining vehicles and mining equipment;

New non-metallic grinding materials;

Grinding and auxiliary equipment;

Calcination and cooling;

Pre homogenization yard and homogenization;

Conveying and transportation, rollers and belt cleaners, etc;

Feeding and metering;

Collaborative disposal equipment and services;

Loose and bagged technology and equipment;

Spare parts and equipment repair technology;

Refractory, wear-resistant materials and thermal insulation products;

Equipment lubrication and application of lubricating oil;

Energy saving fan, motor, and air compressor technology and equipment

Intelligent cement factory solution;

Intelligent shipping technology and equipment;

Process control and automation technology;

Bearings and transmission equipment;

Filter materials, filter bags, environmentally friendly dust removal, desulfurization and denitrification;

Alternative fuels, waste and their treatment and utilization technologies and equipment;

Noise reduction technology and treatment in the factory area;

Road cleaning technology and equipment in the factory area;

Cement and special cement production enterprises, scientific research institutions, technological transformation, production and construction, supervision, associations, media, etc;

Production technology and equipment for sand and gravel aggregates;

Financial investment institutions, international trade companies, etc.

Booth fee standards

Fee Standards for Domestic Enterprises (RMB)

International Enterprise Fee Standards (USD)

Standard booth 9 square meters (3mx3m)


Standard booth 9 square meters (3mx3m)


Indoor lighting per square meter (starting from 36 square meters)


Indoor lighting per square meter (starting from 36 square meters)


Advertising fee standards

Journal advertisement

Domestic enterprises (RMB)

International Enterprise (USD)

Cover/Cover 2/Cover 3



Insert Home/Back Cover/Insert Page



Exclusive single sided advertisement for handbag



Exclusive advertisement on the back of the badge/exclusive advertisement on the hanging rope



Audience gift cooperation



Exhibition site advertising fee standards

Exhibition site advertising

Domestic enterprises (RMB)

International Enterprise (USD)



Above the main entrance hall of the exhibition hall(Exclusive)



22 meters wide * 6.6 meters high

1 unit

Exhibition Hall External Wall Connection



10.6 meters wide * 9 meters high


The glass wall of the main entrance hall of the exhibition hall



7.2 meters wide * 6.7 meters high


Surrounding corridors and columns inside the exhibition hall



Single column: 1.5 meters wide * 6 meters high


Surrounding corridor with attached walls



4 meters wide * 2 meters high

1 (can make 2)

Hanging flags inside the museum



3 meters wide * 5 meters high


Gao Gan Dao Flag



Height of 6 meters, screen width of 1.2 meters * height of 3.5 meters


For more forms and contents of cooperation, please contact us:

Contact person: Jin Dan

Phone: 13321932150


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