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The 16th East Asia International Food Trade Fair in 2021
Industry: Food / Beverage / Wine
Time: 2021/06/04 - 06/07 (Fri To Mon Total 4 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Yantai · Shandong Yantai International Expo Center ChinaShandongYantai 309 Gangcheng East Street, Laishan District, Yantai City
Sponsor:Shandong Provincial Committee of economy and information technology, Shandong Provincial Committee of China Council for the promotion of international trade
Organizer:China International Chamber of Commerce Yantai chamber of Commerce Yantai Food Industry Association
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In order to effectively promote domestic and international exchanges and cooperation in the food industry in the post epidemic period, and build an interactive platform for the internationalization of food processing and manufacturing and trade cooperation in East Asia, "2021 16th East Asia International Food Trade Fair" is scheduled to be held in Yantai International Expo Center from June 4 to 7. We sincerely invite you to join us.
1、 The exhibition started in 2004. Relying on Shandong's rich resource advantages, superior location advantages, strong industrial foundation and extensive market consumption capacity, it has been successfully held for 15 consecutive sessions with the full support of the industry and the careful construction of authoritative institutions. It has a mature operation mode, a stable customer group and a good reputation in the industry. It has become a large-scale interactive platform for food processing, manufacturing and trade cooperation in East Asia, and the most specialized, market-oriented and international food trade event in East China and the Bohai rim economic circle.
2、 The 15th "Food Expo" was successfully held in Yantai in August 2020. There were 186 delegates from 16 countries including Japan, South Korea, the United States, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Russia, Australia, and 21 provinces and cities in China. 2100 food industry related enterprises participated in the Expo, with an exhibition area of 18000 square meters More than 9700 kinds of new and special products have attracted more than 2600 import and export traders, 5700 distributors, 8600 stores, wholesalers and retailers, restaurants and hotels, e-commerce, micro businesses, etc. the total turnover of the exhibition reached 2.97 billion yuan, more than 470 cooperation agreements have been signed, and the intended investment was 1.16 billion yuan. The overall satisfaction of exhibitors and visitors was 92.7% and 96.3% respectively.
3、 With the theme of "green, innovation, cooperation and development" and the purpose of promoting import trade, export trade and domestic trade, the East Asia Food Expo has an exhibition area of 28000 square meters and 1200 international standard booths. It is estimated that about 3200 food industry enterprises from 27 provinces and cities will participate in the exhibition. At the same time, a series of activities were held, such as seeking distribution agents, promoting domestic and foreign cooperation projects, negotiation on import and export trade and investment and financing projects, large-scale supermarkets looking at samples and ordering, advertising and publicity.
Yantai, a famous food city in China, is a pearl of the Yellow Sea with beautiful scenery, beautiful scenery and unique human and natural landscape. We sincerely welcome you.


1. International (import) Food Exhibition: display all kinds of agricultural, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery products, leisure food, baby food, dairy products, baked food, health food, condiments, canned products, drinks, etc.

2. Food exhibition of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan: display famous, excellent, new and special food, health food, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery products, fruits and vegetables, leisure food, wine and food produced in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

3. Sugar, wine and non-staple food exhibition: (1) liquor; health wine; yellow rice wine; fruit wine; wine; beer; foreign wine and various beverage products, fruit juice, coffee, high-end healthy drinking water, etc. (2) All kinds of bean mushroom shoots, dried meat, nuts, puffed, jelly and marine leisure food; baked food; leisure vegetarian food; dairy products; fruit and vegetable slices; candy, chocolate; coffee; preserved fruit and so on. (3) Grain and oil, seasoning, seasoning oil series products; Western food seasoning, etc.

4. Exhibition of famous, excellent, new and special products in various provinces and cities: time-honored Chinese brands all over the world; products protected by geographical indications; products with original ecological characteristics; leading enterprises; enterprises winning China's well-known trademark, provincial famous brand and provincial famous trademark; family farms; agricultural cooperatives; green food; organic food, etc.

5. Food exhibition area: all kinds of convenient nutrition fortified food; livestock and poultry meat products; halal food; bean products; freeze dried food; vermicelli; bee products; canned food; baby food; flour products; preserves; Cereals, oils, pickles; food chain, etc.

6. Agricultural and forestry products exhibition area: all kinds of dried fruits, fresh fruits, vegetables and manufactured products; agricultural and forestry products; groceries (grain); fungus products; agricultural and sideline products; characteristic breeding; livestock and poultry products; egg products; fruit and vegetable products; characteristic melons and fruits; fresh keeping, freezing, waterlogging and deep processing agricultural products.

7. Aquatic products and marine treasures exhibition area: all kinds of dry, ice and fresh aquatic products; aquatic processed food; surimi products; sea cucumber, abalone and other marine treasures; marine biological products and marine deep processing products.

8. Frozen food exhibition area: display livestock and poultry meat products, aquatic products, frozen vegetables, rice and flour products, quick-frozen prepared food and other frozen and cold food.

9. Health functional food exhibition area: all kinds of health functional food; nutrition and health food; tonics; marine biological products; Spirulina; seaweed food; health drinks; Chinese herbal medicine (ginseng / antler / Cordyceps, etc.); Chinese herbal pieces; special oils.

10. Tea industry and tea culture exhibition area: Oolong tea (green tea), green tea, black tea, yellow tea, black tea, white tea, flower (grass) tea, pressed tea, fruit tea, health tea, step-down tea, burdock tea, mulberry leaf tea, medicinal tea, gift tea and purple sand craft, etc.

11. Food additives and starch exhibition area: all kinds of food additives; aloe products; raw starch; modified starch; starch sugar and other starch derivatives, starch products, starch raw materials, etc.

12. Food packaging and processing equipment exhibition area: all kinds of food processing equipment; aquatic processing equipment; fruit and vegetable processing equipment; food preservation, freezing and refrigeration equipment; slaughtering and meat processing equipment; sterilization equipment; food analysis and testing equipment; packaging machinery and equipment; inkjet printer; labeling machine; electronic weighing apparatus; water treatment equipment, etc.

13. Fresh keeping, freezing and refrigeration equipment exhibition area: all kinds of food fresh-keeping equipment, cold storage, controlled atmosphere storage, controlled atmosphere storage technology, quick freezing equipment, refrigeration compressor, cold storage automatic optimization system; cold storage energy-saving equipment and logistics transportation equipment.

14. Packaging products and materials exhibition area: paper, plastic, metal, composite materials and other packaging materials and products, flexible packaging, plastic packaging, packaging bags, electromagnetic induction foil sealing gasket, aluminum foil sealing composite film; color printing packaging, etc.

15. Water treatment technology and equipment, wine making equipment; homogenization emulsification, mixing, crushing, filtration purification, drying and sterilization, grinding, filling, detection, concentration, evaporation, freezing and refrigeration equipment.

Costs & Precautions

1. Standard booth: (3mx3m = 9 m2) domestic booth: RMB 6800 / booth; international booth: USD 1200 / booth; double opening booth: RMB 1000

2. Indoor bare land (from 36 m2): domestic RMB: 700 yuan / m2; international RMB: 120 yuan / m2


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