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The Biological Fermentation Industry Association invites industry experts to visit the 12th Biological Fermentation Exhibition for free

Publish Time: 2024-01-16   Hits: 81005 Editor: fengzemin
The Biological Fermentation Industry Association invites industry experts to visit the 12th Biological Fermentation Exhibition for free...


The Biological Fermentation Industry Association invites industry experts to visit the 12th Biological Fermentation Exhibition for free

Jinan Exhibition and Shanghai Exhibition, Two Exhibition Linkages and Deep Layout of New Industries

BIO CHINA Biological Fermentation Exhibition, originated from the "Shanghai International Biological Fermentation Exhibition" founded in Shanghai in 2013, has gone through 11 years of development and resource accumulation, and has become a well-known and authoritative industry event in the field of biological fermentation. It has now developed into a spring exhibition in Jinan in March, a autumn exhibition in Shanghai in August, and a touring exhibition in both regions, with local governments, industry associations, industrial parks, and partners Industry elites have deeply explored the changes and development of the bioeconomy, and have received enthusiastic responses. As a top industry event in the industry, BIO CHINA Biological Fermentation Exhibition looks forward to everyone working together with BIO CHINA to continue moving forward and create new glory, providing customers with higher quality, more professional, and more comprehensive one-stop solutions.

Industry renowned exhibitors:

Shanghai Baoxing Biological Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd

Tianjushi Engineering Technology Group Co., Ltd

Oushangyuan Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd

Changzhou Sangao Biotechnology Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd

Beijing Chengyitong Control Engineering Technology Co., Ltd

Tianjin Jiuguang Technology Development Co., Ltd

Ennis Valve Group Co., Ltd

Aimei Kejian (China) Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd

Changzhou Purui Fluid Technology Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Dixiao Technology Co., Ltd

Ruipu Analytical Instrument (Tianjin) Co., Ltd

Dalian Zhongzhi Jinggong Technology Co., Ltd

Shandong Ono Energy Technology Co., Ltd

Alfa Laval (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd

Wuhan Haitai Jucheng Engineering Co., Ltd

Nanjing Membrane Material Industry Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd

Shanghai Tianqing Industrial Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Yuanya Pump Industry Co., Ltd

Wuxi Langpan Environmental Technology Co., Ltd

Jiangsu Longtai Environmental Protection Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Sichuan Huamai Technology Development Co., Ltd

Hunan Ningtai Rubber and Plastics Co., Ltd

Shanghai Bocai Instrument Co., Ltd

GEA Keier Engineering Technology (China) Co., Ltd

Jiangsu Dongbang Machinery Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Huannuo Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Sanying Fluid Equipment Co., Ltd

Lange Constant Flow Pump Co., Ltd

Guangdong Yiduoli Biotechnology Co., Ltd

Let's all look forward to 2024, where exhibitors will bring innovation and intelligent equipment, the latest technology, and advanced processes to once again "ignite" the biological fermentation industry circle, presenting a fermentation feast for brand manufacturers in the fields of biotechnology, cell engineering, biopharmaceuticals, biochemistry, biopesticides, biological feed, biological fertilizer, biological resource extraction, food, beer, and beverage with hard core strength and solutions.

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