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2020 Cologne tire show
Industry: Chemical / Energy / Environment
Time: 2020/06/09 - 06/12 (Tues To Fri Total 4 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Europe Germany Cologne International Exhibition Center EuropeGermany Messeplatz 1 50679 Cologne, Germany
Sponsor:China Chemical Information Center


The tire Cologne is another global tire event after the Essen tire show in Germany. The brand new tire Exhibition hosted by Cologne International Exhibition Co., Ltd. is strongly supported by BRV (German tire dealers and Recycling Association), and will be held in the famous Cologne International Expo Center in Germany from June 9 to June 12, 2020. The exhibition will cover a wide range of fields such as tires, wheels, tire accessories, tire repair and recycling, auto repair tire stores, etc. the first Germany Cologne international tire exhibition in 2018 has caused a sensation in the industry. The exhibition area is 70000 ㎡. Cologne international tire exhibition will become an international platform for exhibitors in the global tire, wheel and automobile maintenance industry to enhance their brand image, obtain cutting-edge information and development trends in the industry.
Scope of exhibits
1. Tire, electronic tube, outer tire:
Motorcycle tires, industrial solid rubber tires, industrial pneumatic tires, passenger tires, SUV tires, truck tires, engineering tires, agricultural tires, retreaded tires, tire tubes, truck tires and other tires
2. Wheel (tyre):
Steel wheel, alloy wheel, multi-purpose steel tire, wheel repair, etc
3. Tire and wheel accessories:
Wheel cover and cover, wheel arc, wheel anti theft device, spike, antiskid chain, protection chain, puncture protection, tyre sealant, inflation valve (polyurethane), etc
4. Car accessories:
Car care and cleaning products, lubricants, car interiors and fillers, car electronic systems, shock absorbers, charging systems, wheel bearings, brake technology, car glass and assembly glass, etc
5. Tyre repair equipment and materials:
Autoclave, tire line generator, tire molding machine, tire pattern grinder, mold, testing equipment, polishing tools, rubber mixture, air bag, tire surface renovation equipment, etc
6. Maintenance materials:
Adhesives, detergents, tire repair materials, steel pipe repair materials, repair belts, conveyor belt repair materials, etc
7. Tyre recovery, tyre treatment:
Tire treatment, logistics system and concept, waste tire recycling technology, tire recycling system, shredder, tire cutting machine, granulator, recycled tire products, waste tires, etc
8. Workshop equipment:
Wheel balancing technology, wheel balancing equipment and materials, sizing rubber, front wheel positioning unit, accuracy detection, wheel expansion system, shock absorption test, tire installation tool, cleaning tool, testing and measurement technology, battery management, work clothes, protective clothing, optimization, workshop technology, etc
9. Organization / workshop, storage room and store equipment:
Storage facilities, storage system, transportation, transmission, tire warehouse, tire container, tire logistics, tire packaging materials, store system, hardware, software, car service concept, franchise system, independent workshop concept, general workshop system, quality control, etc


Costs & Precautions

Please contact the organizer of the exhibition for implementation before participation.


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