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The 8th British International Trade Fair of roof (surface) building materials, roof coating, roof waterproof and roof insulation materials in 2020
Industry: Construction / Decoration / Hardware
Time: 2020/03/25 - 03/26 (Wed To Thur Total 2 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Europe Britain EuropeBritain Coventry, UK
Sponsor:Beijing Oriental Ruiji International Exhibition Co., Ltd


March 2020 the 8th British International Trade Fair of professional roof (surface) building materials, roof coating, roof waterproof and roof insulation materials (roofing, cladding & insulation)
1、 Exhibition time: March 25-26, 2020 (annual session)

2、 Venue: Coventry, UK (center of building materials industry)
3、 Exhibit content: this exhibition is the only professional and largest international pure trade exhibition of roof (surface) building materials, roof coating, roof waterproof and roof insulation materials and technology in the UK. It is highly professional.
Scope of exhibits
★ roof and roof system: roof and insulation system; roof fastener system; prefabricated parts for building, metal structure, steel structure, membrane structure, tensile membrane, tensile structure for building; exterior covering materials for building, asphalt tile (colored Fiberglass tile), cement tile, concrete tile, clay tile, metal tile, glass tile, PVC tile, color steel plate tile, Fiberglass tile, finished gutter; Roof waterproof board, aluminum coil, aluminum plate, aluminum strip, aluminum foil and other related aluminum products; inclined roof window, roof skylight, daylighting window series, roof ventilation system, light slope roof system, mould proof roof system, overflow and anti freezing system of chute and drainage channel; roof greening products and technology; new roof product production technology and insulation product production technology, etc
★ waterproof materials (more than 1 / 3 of the days in the UK are rainy, so the demand for waterproof materials is huge): asphalt based waterproof roll, polymer waterproof roll, waterproof coating, rigid waterproof and plugging materials; waterproof materials for infrastructure and municipal engineering. Raw and auxiliary materials of various waterproof materials, complete equipment and technology of waterproof materials, construction equipment and application technology of waterproof engineering, accessories and auxiliary materials of waterproof engineering system, testing instruments of waterproof materials and relevant scientific research results of waterproof technology; management software and professional books and periodicals of waterproof
★ roof and various construction tools;
★ roof machinery: brick and tile making machinery; roof material production equipment; scaffolding and roof equipment; other roof construction machinery
★ roof planting: root resistant puncture waterproof material, drainage board, siphon drainage system, metal alloy waterproof roll, planting roof system, etc. specially used for planting roof
★ overhead separation materials: plastic drain plate, plastic overhead plate, ecological overhead body, overhead network, grass planting grid, etc.; planting media: light mixed nutrient soil, light long-term nutrient soil, light humus soil, synthetic soil, etc.; planting plant materials: lawn, ground cover, arbor, Bush, liana, etc
★ water storage and drainage: single (double) surface water storage plate, drainage pipe and drainage layer material, etc;

4、 Exhibition data: (once a year) 2019
Number of exhibitors: 108
Exhibition area: 5860 square meters
Professional visitors: 3058 (the exhibition is only open to professional visitors)

5、 Exhibition introduction:
This exhibition, held by a famous British exhibition group, is the only professional international pure trade exhibition of roof (surface) building materials, roof coating, roof waterproof and roof insulation materials and technology in the UK. It has been held for the first time since 2013, once a year, and has been successfully held for 8 times. It is the only most professional trade exhibition of roof related industries in the UK.
The exhibition was officially introduced into China in 2019, and it is an excellent platform for Chinese enterprises to explore the UK and even European markets and expand exports. The exhibition gathers excellent suppliers of roof (surface) building materials, roof coating, roof waterproof and roof insulation materials and machinery from many countries in the world. The exhibition is only open to professional visitors.

Data and analysis of 2019 professional visitors:


At that time, the world's trade fairs were all developing in a more specialized direction. Only when the trade fairs were highly specialized in the industry, they would have better effectiveness for the exhibitors, ensure the absolute professionalism of the exhibitors and the audience, realize the direct connection between the sellers and the buyers, and ensure the success rate of the trade. (as for the significance of participating in those huge comprehensive exhibitions, it has been It's just to be popular and to be lively.
Our exhibition is just in line with the key point of strong professionalism, which is very suitable for the active enterprises in this industry to participate in the exhibition.

Deadline for registration: there are not many organizers for Chinese enterprises, which is very limited, until the booth is sold out.

Our company is the only exclusive official promotion organization in China recognized by the organizer of the exhibition and is fully responsible for the domestic recruitment of the exhibition
Work. The booth is very limited. Please register as soon as possible.

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Costs & Precautions

Please contact the organizer of the exhibition for implementation before participation.


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