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2020 The 5th Guangzhou International Biotechnology Conference

Publish Time: 2020-01-03   Hits: 52770 Editor: fengzemin
2020bte Guangzhou International Biotechnology conference time: September 11-13, 2020


The 5th Guangzhou International Biotechnology conference in 2020

2020bte Guangzhou International Biotechnology Conference

Time: September 11, 2020 -13

Venue: Zone C of Guangzhou Canton Fair Exhibition Hall

▷ 400 + exhibitors at home and abroad

▷ 20000 + M2 exhibition area

▷ 50 + speakers

▷ 60 + special meeting

▷ 20000 + professional visitors

[focus on four areas]

Biopharmaceutical · cell therapy · molecular diagnosis · gene technology

[eight core issues]

▷ antibody drugs and new drug development

▷ cellular immunotherapy

▷ innovation and development of biological similar drugs

▷ laboratory construction and innovation

▷ biological products process control and solution

▷ molecular diagnosis and future medicine

▷ new drug application and cro / CMO special session

▷ microbiological technology and bio manufacturing

[about the exhibition]

BTE is a very important platform for the biological industry in South China, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao The 5th Guangzhou International Biotechnology conference in 2020 is co sponsored by China Association for the promotion of international science and technology, China protein drug quality alliance, Guangdong laboratory design and Construction Technology Association, Guangdong Biological Industry Association, Shenzhen biological medicine Promotion Association, Guangzhou Instrument Industry Association, Shenzhen life science and technology industry research alliance, Zhenwei Exhibition Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Zhenwei International Exhibition Organized and undertaken by the company, with the vigorous development of biological industry in South China, BTE 2020 data will reach a new high. We sincerely invite you to witness the annual event of China's biotechnology industry again!

[scope of BTE 20]

▷ laboratory technology and equipment

Microbial species, culture medium, incubation equipment, genetic engineering technology and equipment separation and purification system, bioreactor, GLP / GMP, biochemical analysis instrument, biological information technology, biological imaging system, biochip, laboratory information management system, etc;

▷ biotechnology services

Gene testing service, stem cell technology service, microbiology service, molecular biology service, cell biology service, protein related service, biochip service, cro / CMO, technology training service, immunology service and other services;

▷ engineering technical equipment

Fermentation tank, cell reactor, cell culture equipment, saccharification equipment, separation and filtration, extraction and purification, instrument and industrial automation equipment, sanitary fluid equipment, environmental protection technology and equipment, etc;

▷ biological products

Biomaterials, vaccines, blood products, antibodies, starch sugar and sugar alcohols, enzyme preparations, yeast and its derivatives, amino acids and organic acids, functional products and natural extracts, etc.

[BTE 2019 with rapid growth of professional audience]

BTE 2019 has attracted 17891 visitors from home and abroad, an increase of 37% compared with the previous one.

[audience comments]

▷ Huang Yimin, vice president of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Industry Association

Our association also organized more than 100 professionals to participate in the conference, which was very well organized. It not only fully demonstrated the development of biomedicine in all aspects, but also invited experts to hold forums around the frontier hot spots of biomedicine. Guangdong is one of the major biomedical provinces, especially Guangzhou, with a very good prospect.

▷ Zhao Suqing, executive dean, School of biomedicine, Guangdong University of Technology

There are a lot of audiences at the conference. People are paying more and more attention to biotechnology. With regard to the development of biotechnology, Guangdong now attaches great importance to it, and universities are also doing a lot of research and development of biological drugs. I believe that as long as all sectors work together, the biotechnology industry will surely usher in a faster spring.

[some brand exhibitors and sponsors of BTE 2019]

Bte2019 has attracted more than 200 enterprises from more than ten countries and regions, including Thermo Fisher, Perkin Elmer, bidi medical, sarstedt, inteessens, bevinger and Fujifilm Irvine Scientific, British applied light physics company, ABM, unchainedlabs, Nikon instruments of Japan, aurora of Canada, Acer Technology of Taiwan, nanotemper of Germany and other international well-known enterprises, as well as Sinochem, Sinochem duling, Sinochem Shengjie, solabo, hanteng biology, Panasonic cold chain, lambashi, Jisheng medicine, ruiosen, biotechnology, geersson, Austria Sheng, Yongnuo and other domestic well-known enterprises have exhibited advanced technical products such as laboratory equipment, cell detection reagents, microbial detection, serum-free medium, consumables, gene detection, bioreactor, etc., accelerating the layout of South China biomedical market. According to the survey, 89% of bte2019 exhibitors plan to continue to participate in the exhibition, and 81% of the exhibitors agree to reach the exhibition goal.

[evaluation of exhibitors]

▷ Yan Dongping chairman of Mona (Suzhou) Biotechnology Co., Ltd

We are the first time to participate in Guangzhou BTE, and this time we have brought two product lines. In the past two years, the biotechnology industry has developed well. There are science city and bio island in Guangzhou, Pingshan in Shenzhen, Optics Valley in Suzhou and Zhangjiang in Shanghai. Now it seems that the South China market has gradually entered the first echelon. Mona biological wishes BTE better and better!

▷ Zhang Yu, general manager of Abcam / IBC China, UK

This is the second time we have participated in BTE. The first time we have participated in BTE is because we heard that the conference is very large and there are many peers participating in it, so we also hope to seize the opportunity of the second time. At present, many enterprises at home and abroad have actively participated in this meeting, which also confirms the vigorous development of China's life technology industry.

[authoritative media follow-up reports to improve brand awareness]

In the age of Internet, modern enterprises pay more and more attention to brand publicity, while news media has become an important way of enterprise publicity. At the exhibition, Guangdong satellite TV, Guangzhou TV station, Southern Metropolis Daily, Guangzhou Daily, sina.com, sohu.com, litchi.com and Sheng were invited


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