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Japan food and Beverage Exhibition 2020
Industry: Food / Beverage / Wine
Time: 2020/03/10 - 03/13 (Tues To Fri Total 4 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Asia Japan Messe International Exhibition Center AsiaJapan Nakase 2-1, Mihama-ku Chiba City 261-0023 Japan
Sponsor:Hangzhou Dingxin Exhibition Co., Ltd


Exhibition content:
★ food: agricultural products (fresh, frozen, dry goods), agricultural processing products, grains, livestock products, dairy products, aquatic products, meat processing products, semi-finished products, canned food, non-staple food, cooked food, health food, organic food, seasoning, spices, various pasta, bread and all kinds of food, dessert, baby food, etc;
★ beverages: alcoholic beverages (sake, Shaojiu, beer, wine, etc.), non-alcoholic beverages, coffee, black tea, mineral water, Japanese tea and other tea, health drinks, etc;
★ others: Food and beverage groups, autonomous groups, professional books and others.
Exhibition introduction:
Foodex has been held for 43 times since it was first held in 1976. It is the third largest food and Beverage Exhibition in the world with the largest scale, the highest reputation, the most complete varieties and the largest trading volume in the Asia Pacific region, as well as Cologne in Germany and Paris in France. Japan Chiba International Food and Beverage Exhibition (foodex) is held in March every year. It provides the latest information about "food and drink" to the food service, circulation and retail industry. At the same time, for both exhibitors and visitors, the exhibition is an important place to seek trade partners, explore the Japanese market, promote commodities, technical exchanges, trade cooperation, etc. Japan's food self-sufficiency rate is only 40%, and 60% is imported from overseas. The annual Tokyo International Food Exhibition has become a good platform for overseas enterprises to provide commodities and establish cooperative relations with Japanese purchasers. If you want to enter the Japanese market and establish long-term business relations with Japanese merchants, you can choose to attend the Tokyo International Food Exhibition.
Last review:
The last exhibition was held in March with great success. There are nearly 3466 enterprises from 80 countries and regions, including 2153 overseas exhibitors and 72428 professionals from the food industry. The booth area is 28100 square meters. 90% of the visitors are managers or managers with higher positions, and up to 25% of the visitors are top managers or CEOs of the company. Japan International Food and Beverage Exhibition is not open to ordinary visitors. It is a trade event only for professionals. All visitors must register. According to the visitors' questionnaire in 2018, nearly 96.3% of the visitors said that they have achieved gratifying results and are very satisfied with it.


Costs & Precautions

Please contact the organizer of the exhibition for implementation before participation.


  • Company:Hangzhou Dingxin Exhibition Co., Ltd
  • Telephone:0571-81389447
  • Truename:Zhao Ni Ni
  • Mobile:13461429666
  • E-mail:zsj@expo-foods.cn
  • QQ:2072991971


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