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The 4th International Smart retail Expo and vending exhibition in 2019 - Shenzhen station
Industry: Public / Security / Smart
Cycle: Twice A Year
Time: 2019/07/30 - 08/01 (Tues To Thur Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Shenzhen · Guangdong Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center Intersection of Fuhua third road and Jintian Road, Futian District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province
Sponsor:China Internet of things industry application alliance, Shenzhen retail trade association, Shenzhen chain operation association, Shenzhen smart Retail Association
Organizer:Shenzhen IOT Media Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Yixin IOT Network Co., Ltd., Suzhou Youzhi IOT Network Co., Ltd
Co-organizer:Suzhou Youzhi trust Internet of things Co., Ltd


At present, China has entered the era of consumer autonomy, consumer self-awareness has been awakened! With the continuous practice of consumption upgrading, customers are no longer satisfied with the needs of the original "standard products", and more and more attention has been paid to personalization, differentiation, miniaturization, brand and the unique values given by the brand. The change of this demand promotes the continuous optimization of the product from design, production, processing and even the whole industrial chain. Intelligent manufacturing, Internet of things, cloud computing, big data and The application of mobile payment technology provides the source power for the continuous optimization of the industrial chain!

No matter old or new retail, the current changes are unprecedented fierce! The integration of online and offline is the consensus of the current retail industry. The advantages of online are technology, and the core of offline is experience. How to better integrate the retail concept, technology and experience, and master the core competitiveness of the future retail industry is an urgent problem for the current retail industry.

The fourth isre2019 International Smart retail Expo has the following characteristics:

1. The whole industrial chain, a collection of famous enterprises
This exhibition is a complete exhibition of the whole industrial chain of the upstream and downstream of smart new retail, covering the digital solution providers of smart stores, POS software and hardware and peripheral equipment, smart POS equipment, self-service cash register equipment, unmanned store solution, face recognition, electronic price tag, intelligent Bi, visual management, SCRM, applet, mobile payment, weighing scheme, printing, scanning, RFID SCM and so on.
The organizer invited well-known enterprises in the new retail industry chain to participate in the exhibition, including shangmi, Yijietong, yilianda, Jiatian electronics, ABS, Zhongshang Longfei, Weituo technology, Sanda, sisun software, and zhibaiwei; baozi, Xiaofei technology, yitaylor, meiquan information, and Pixie intelligence; Meister, Sichuang Yihui, pnoma, ronghua, and Rongfeng intelligence; zebra, Sato, boside, and Dongfeng intelligence Zhizhi, TSC (Tianjin Guoju), Honeywell, kocheng, zhimingxing, Deshi group, avicode; sunray, Weisi, spree, Youku, wanku; Angjie, everyone's shop, shop boy, cloud dream, wandianzhang; street counter, Qifei, Zao technology, Bingguo box, hi Bentley, pan vendor artificial intelligence, Fulei Technology, Xinhai Technology, Jiandian, Youbao, Youpeng, magic house , China Science and technology sharp star, dynamic net, ha ha zero beast, light purchase cloud, Fuji iceberg, China Kyrgyzstan, Jinma and other enterprises. The exhibition will build a platform for exhibitors to display, exchange, cooperate and connect resources of intelligent retail products, technologies and schemes.


3. Strong alliance and complementary advantages
IOT media cooperates with Shenzhen intelligent Retail Association, Shenzhen retail business association, Shenzhen chain operation association, Shenzhen retail Intelligent Information Industry Association and Suzhou chain operation chamber of Commerce. Media + Exhibition + industry front-line organizations work together to deeply integrate the superior resources of both sides and strive to build a comprehensive one-stop service platform for retail industry.

4. 300 + media, full dimensional penetration
The organizers of this exhibition, in collaboration with a number of authoritative media throughout the country, have continued publicity coverage before, during and after the exhibition, exhibitors all media exposure, including, but not limited to, CEO exclusive interviews, brand promotion, project promotion, new product introductions, on-site interviews, self media public numbers, micro-blog, WeChat, SMS, mail, Baidu, and so on, and over 300 professional media networks. Platform publicity exposure.

5. Approved by the state, the first batch of key exhibition enterprises of the Ministry of Commerce
As a professional exhibition enterprise, IOT media has been recognized by the Ministry of Commerce of the people's Republic of China, and has been publicized in the list of the first batch of key contact enterprises in the exhibition industry selected by the expert review, which is the recognition of IOT media's exhibition service ability, influence and professionalism. The exhibition will try its best to invite the global industry channel providers, operation service providers, strength distributors, system integrators, end users to wait for the field to observe, learn and negotiate cooperation, so as to provide the exhibitors with a professional exhibition platform with high degree of professionalism, strong service ability and rich industry resources.

3、 Previous events in the same period:
The third ISRE (2019) China smart retail digital Expo (Suzhou station) has a total area of 18000 ㎡ with 190 exhibitors and 15475 visitors. The total number of visitors is 26896, including 586 international purchasers from 35 countries and regions including Southeast Asia, North America, India and the Middle East. At the same time, there are 11 Industry Summit forums.  
In 2018, ISRE International Smart retail Expo held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center has a total area of 52500 ㎡ and 706 exhibitors, with 116512 visitors and 3000 overseas visitors!


(1) Smart retail business information exhibition area
EAS, ESL, smart store, POS software and hardware, smart payment, SaaS, big data (data analysis and BI), electronic scale and weighing, barcode printing and scanning, AI, reader, RFID, CRM, supply chain and logistics distribution, Omni channel and o2o solutions, smart retail solutions Business, self-service, ERP system, mobile business platform, etc.

(2) . smart retail
1. Unattended retail terminal
Unmanned retail shop / convenience store, unmanned supermarket, intelligent vending machine, intelligent display screen, touch all-in-one machine; vending machine special product supplier and all kinds of FMCG and other related accessories and services; open shelf and office retail services; supply chain services and technologies.
2. Unattended retail technology and products
Image recognition, biometric, electronic tag, RFID, self-service detection and tracking system, commodity information collection, barcode, video security solutions; intelligent shelf, intelligent packaging, service robot; intelligent cashier, related printing technology and consumables; IOT (Internet of things), blockchain, passenger flow analysis, etc.

Costs & Precautions

Please contact the organizer of the exhibition for implementation before participation.


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