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2020 China Shanghai international precision optical technology and Equipment Exhibition
Industry: Industrial / Mechanical / Processing
Time: 2020/05/25 - 05/27 (Mon To Wed Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Shanghai Shanghai Everbright Exhibition Center 66 Caobao Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai
Sponsor:Shanghai Liguo Exhibition Service Co., Ltd
Organizer:Shanghai Liguo Exhibition Service Co., Ltd


Opticsexpo2020 precision optics exhibition is an international large-scale optical industry exhibition, which has been successfully held for five consecutive times. The last exhibition covers an area of 50000 square meters, attracting 400 enterprises from all over the country to participate in the exhibition, including: Jinghua, Toshiba, Lianchuang, sunny optics, Lida Co., Ltd., Northern group, Hikvision, phoenix optics, golde infrared, sinooptics, base Enshi, shangmin optics, Huaguo optics, Nahong, Europe wide, Yuancheng, fanako, qiete, Haichuang, Lante, Kairong, Haitai Xinguang, Chuang Si, etmonte, Panasonic, gobigar, Yongxin, mahr, Bruker, Ohara, Corning, Schott, Philips, Nikon, Canon, long walk optoelectronics, pumis, Kunshan moutengguang, Hanyu Tengqi, elaude, fortko, Hua Sub intelligence, AI Weishi, Taicheng optoelectronics, jieniu technology, canhong automation, etc.
In addition to the excellent performance of exhibitors, the growth performance in professional visitors and buyers is outstanding. Compared with 2018, the total number of visitors has been greatly increased, and the popularity of the site is booming. The three-day exhibition received 43276 visitors from 65 countries and regions. Among them, there are 5616 foreign visitors and 1200 conference representatives. According to the survey on audience information conducted by the Organizing Committee at the exhibition site, 87% of the visitors said they would recommend the exhibition to business partners or colleagues, and 93% said they would visit the 2020 exhibition. In 2019, with a larger exhibition scale, a more comprehensive type of exhibitors, and stronger publicity, the exhibition has achieved unprecedented results. We firmly believe that the next exhibition will be better and better through the support of exhibitors and the joint efforts of various organizations. We are looking forward to your coming!
In order to further grasp the market dynamics, better meet the market demand and promote the healthy development of the industry, "2020 China (Shanghai) international precision optical technology and equipment exhibition" will be held in Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center from May 25 to 27, 2020, with the joint support of relevant units and competent departments at home and abroad. The exhibition will further expand the optical industry chain and integrate We will show the new products, new technologies and new equipment in the industry, keep in mind the actual needs and trend changes of the optical industry, work together with domestic and foreign industry units and elite tycoons to discuss the future development of the industry, and help everyone seize the market opportunities in the rapid changes!

Exhibition highlights:
50000 square meters exhibition area, 400 + industry brands, 60 + countries and regions 40000 professional buyers;
All year round, you can enjoy online and offline comprehensive publicity for one exhibition, covering new media methods such as website, magazine, newspaper, mobile newspaper, microblog, wechat, etc., and multiple surprises for one exhibition. Keep up with the latest market development, share and interact with each other, set up a one-to-one trade matching meeting, sincerely invite the user procurement director from the online and offline optical industry, the audience from more than 60 countries and regions around the world, one-to-one meeting and negotiation, an excellent way to improve your product sales.
At the same time, we will hold major summits, policy and regulation lectures, new technology and new product launches, science and technology innovation series awards, etc., which will be splendid and diversified, and let you face-to-face contact with the industry's cutting-edge trends.
Authoritative hosting, professional exhibition operation, rich exhibition resources, authoritative professional forums and the "one-to-one" buyer organization advantages of exhibitors create an industry grand meeting for global communication, integration, development and win-win of Chinese and foreign smart retail industry.


Scope of exhibits:
1. Optical elements and materials: optical glass, sapphire material, quartz material, plastic lens, grinding material, coating material; filter, spectrograph, spherical lens, prism, cylindrical mirror, reflector, plane window, focusing mirror, half mirror, beam expander, etc;
2. Machine vision and optical imaging measurement: optical microscope, industrial camera, projector, measuring instrument, optical platform and displacement table, laser interferometer, spectrometer and other optical measuring instruments, surface vision detection system, automatic optical detection (AOI) system, non-contact displacement measurement system, three coordinate measuring instrument, 3D stereo micro imaging equipment, telescope, astronomical observer Optical application products such as apparatus, birdwatching mirror and bracket;
3. Optical processing equipment: all kinds of cold processing and aspheric processing equipment, single-sided and double-sided grinding and polishing machines, spherical and aspheric lens molding equipment and electroforming equipment, optical processing mold, grinding wheel, diamond turning equipment, glass cutting machine / scriber / external circular saw, crystal growth equipment, etc;
4. Optical coating technology and equipment: various vacuum coating equipment, vacuum valve and vacuum parts, vacuum acquisition equipment, vacuum plating equipment, vacuum freeze-drying equipment, vacuum system accessories and vacuum dynamic and static sealing devices, various targets, targets, power supply, coating fixture fixture, cleaning equipment, etc;
5. Sapphire and touch screen manufacturing: sapphire materials, long crystal equipment, all kinds of touch panels, glass covers, production equipment and materials; liquid crystal panel (module), OLED panel (module), panel module, materials and components, equipment and components; ITO conductive glass, conductive film; optical film (sheet), protective film, raw materials and chemical products; soft electronics, soft materials and processing Equipment; conductive ink, OCA optical adhesive, etc;

Costs & Precautions

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