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I hope so! More than 23000 people visited the Geneva watch exhibition

Publish Time: 2019-01-27   Hits: 32738 Editor: zixun2
The four-day exhibition is full of discovery, communication and surprises, providing visitors with a rich and intensive


On January 17, 2019, the 29th Geneva watch exhibition sihh was successfully concluded, and its new strategy won remarkable results. Over the past two years, sihh has begun to actively transform, following the development trend of the digital era. Presenting wonderful contents, sihh 2019 promotes the conclusion and exchange of relations, opens to the world, and demonstrates its position as an important communication platform.

Shared immersive experience

The four-day exhibition is full of discovery, communication and surprises, providing visitors with a rich and intensive schedule. The exhibition held a series of seminars, brand introductions and keynote speeches by famous people, with intensive and compact arrangements. Many celebrities, brand image ambassadors, actors, athletes and opinion leaders with millions of supporters came to the exhibition.

This Geneva watch and clock exhibition adopts a new form of arrangement, with outstanding results. The exhibition strengthens the concept of "live" in the conference hall, creates lab space, and focuses on introducing the technology and digital innovation of participating brands. It can be called a real laboratory. This new space promotes communication and exchange, just like the "think tank" of advanced watch making industry, which gathers technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality and high-end technology that can be applied to advanced watch making process and knowledge inheritance, and has been a great success in this exhibition.

Influence inside and outside the exhibition hall

Geneva watch exhibition is a new public creative content, opening the door to the audience outside the exhibition hall and attracting new audiences. With a strong digital communication strategy, its influence is not limited to the exhibition, but also extended to the exhibition hall. More than 30 seminars held in the conference hall were broadcast in real time. In addition, the exhibition has set up spaces dedicated to sharing photos on instagram, Facebook, Weibo and other social networks.

Trend vane

This exhibition also outlines the preliminary trend of advanced watch making in 2019. In general, the participating brands of "historical family" and "watchmaker's area" all present their respective masterpieces, especially the perpetual calendar wristwatch favored by collectors.

Color has become an important element of tabulation aesthetics, blue and green continue to be popular, and moon phase function and artistic and technological dial are also highly respected. A new type of alloy made of carbon and recycled titanium metal, which is mainly used in sports wristwatches, will attract attention. As for women's wristwatches, the focus has shifted to design, movement and gem setting.

Set a record number of visitors

This year's exhibition lasts only four days, not the usual five days. However, the number of visitors has broken the record, with a total of 23000 visitors (15% more than in 2018). In addition, more than 1400 journalists from all over the world visited the exhibition.

Sihh 2019 sets an important milestone for the future Geneva watch show!


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