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The 2024 Chengdu Building Electrical Lighting Exhibition will be held on April 16th

Construction / Decoration / Hardware


2024/04/16 - 04/18 (Tues To Thur Total 3 Days)    Error Correction


Sichuan China Western International Expo City ChinaSichuan ProvinceChengdu City No. 88, East Section of Fuzhou Road, Tianfu New District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province


Organizing Committee of 2024 Chengdu Electric and Lighting Exhibition


Organizing Committee of 2024 Chengdu Electric and Lighting Exhibition

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The 2024 Chengdu Building Electrical Lighting Exhibition will be held on April 16th - www.globalomp.com

The 2024 Chengdu Building Electrical Lighting Exhibition will be held on April 16th - www.globalomp.com

The 2024 Chengdu Building Electrical Lighting Exhibition will be held on April 16th

2024 Chengdu Electrical and Lighting Exhibition (April)

Time: April 16-18, 2024 Location: Western China International Expo City

The 2024CCBD Chengdu China Construction Expo provides a comprehensive solution for the home decoration industry

The China Chengdu Construction and Decoration Materials Expo (CCBD) was founded in 2004 and is a certified exhibition by the Global Exhibition Industry Association (UFI). The exhibition scale has jumped to the forefront of similar exhibitions in China. CCBD Chengdu Construction Expo has always been committed to providing professional commercial cooperation channels for building materials and home furnishing manufacturers, distribution agents, real estate developers, and construction/decoration units nationwide, and creating a preferred platform for the large home furnishing and construction industry with "distribution agents" and "public decoration procurement" as the core. By deeply grasping the strategic opportunities of the construction of the Chengdu Chongqing dual city economic circle and leveraging the industrial cluster advantages of the Chengdu Chongqing region, the CCBD China Chongqing Construction Expo will be launched in Chongqing in 2023, gradually forming a new pattern of "Chengdu Chongqing dual exhibition" in April and Chongqing dual city development in October.

With the increase in the number of high-rise buildings in the western market, as well as the requirements of the dual carbon strategy and the promotion of national energy-saving policies, the demand for electrical and energy-saving lighting is growing rapidly. Under the macroeconomic policy regulation of the country, the development of the electrical and lighting industry is ushering in broad prospects. The 23rd China (Chengdu) Architecture and Decoration Materials Expo and China (Chengdu) Electrical and Lighting Exhibition (referred to as 2024CCBD China Chengdu Construction Expo) will be held from April 16 to 18, 2024 at the Western China International Expo City. This exhibition covers an exhibition area of 160000 square meters, with an estimated 2000+participating companies, 50000+new products, 180000+professional visitors, and 50+forum activities/new product launches. Gathering over a thousand manufacturers and tens of thousands of new products from various industries, it is the largest, most comprehensive, and most new flagship exhibition in the home decoration industry held in the central and western regions of China.

This exhibition will be a more optimized, refined, innovative, high-quality, and efficient online and offline omnichannel connection, aimed at creating a long-term sustainable exhibition and trade platform for the future of the industry.

Better quality of exhibition products - This exhibition will select and invite over 2000 high-quality manufacturers from across the country, with a focus on inviting industry influential brands and high-quality enterprises to participate. To provide an efficient and pragmatic B2B trade platform for the large home decoration industry in the central and western regions.

More refined exhibition categories - the specialized exhibition area of the museum refines the exhibition structure, showcases the entire industry chain products, comprehensively covering the exhibition of building electrical technology, building formwork and scaffolding, building insulation coatings and waterproof materials, new building materials and prefabricated buildings, doors and windows, customized home furnishings, whole house decoration, roof/wall/flooring/soft furnishings, integrated bathroom/ceramic rock panels, smart homes, HVAC comfortable homes, clean water and kitchen appliances Waiting for the concentrated exhibition of products from upstream and downstream enterprises.

More innovative promotion channels - we will adhere to the integration of "traditional+new" and "online+offline" in integrated marketing, and expand the promotion channels of exhibitions. Collaborate deeply with industry media and business associations to enrich exhibition and conference content. Multi dimensional resource integration comprehensively empowers innovative brands, products, and projects, creating a "three-dimensional new product promotion channel with deep penetration into the industry.".

Higher quality audience source - We have deep experience and demand insights in inviting professional audiences. Through more precise and identifiable tags, we invite professional audiences from distributors/agents, manufacturers, end retailers, import and export traders, real estate developers, building design institutes, decoration companies, construction units, designers, business associations, industry media, home furnishing stores and other places from all over the country to visit and negotiate. Solidly build a preferred platform for "distribution agency" and "public decoration procurement" in the home decoration industry.

More efficient business docking - A professional VIP invited audience team selects visitors with project material procurement needs, trade agency needs, processing cooperation needs, and business and trade needs through targeted screening and invitation, and provides matching and docking services for their desired exhibitors. Improve the viewing efficiency of visitors, increase their satisfaction, make the matching between upstream and downstream more efficient, and ensure that all attendees return with a full load.


In 2024, CCBD plans to have 12 exhibition halls, 4 outdoor exhibition halls, and 6 connecting exhibition halls for display

2024 CCBD Exhibition Scope:

Electrical: electrician electrical, comprehensive wiring, security electrical, communication electrical, lightning protection electrical, and smart home, etc.

Lighting: indoor lighting, architectural lighting, commercial lighting, road lighting, landscape lighting, etc.

Costs & Precautions

Please contact the exhibition organizer for implementation before participating in the exhibition.

The 2024 Chengdu Building Electrical Lighting Exhibition will be held on April 16th - www.globalomp.com


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