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2024 China (Nanjing) International Oral Equipment and Equipment Expo

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2024/07/18 - 07/20 (Thur To Sat Total 3 Days)    Error Correction


Jiangsu Province nanjing international exhibition center ChinaJiangsu ProvinceNanjing CityXuanwu District No. 88 Longpan Road, Xuanwu District, Nanjing City


Beijing Mingman International Exhibition Co., Ltd


Beijing Mingman International Exhibition Co., Ltd

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2024 China (Nanjing) International Oral Equipment and Equipment Expo - www.globalomp.com

2024 China (Nanjing) International Oral Equipment and Equipment Expo - www.globalomp.com

With the continuous progress of human society and the development of medical care, people's understanding of health is gradually deepening. The impact of oral health goes far beyond the scope of the oral cavity, affecting everything from the brain to the heart. The oral cavity is an important component of the human body and the starting point of the digestive system. Many factors can interfere with oral health, hinder its normal function, and affect a person's appearance and social interaction. In addition, oral health is not limited to toothache and gum pain, but also affects all aspects of our body, from diet to physical health, and may even lead to the risk of death. This is because oral diseases are not always limited to the oral cavity. The close relationship between oral health and some of the world's worst diseases (including cardiovascular disease, diabetes and Alzheimer's disease) shows that oral health is like a mirror reflecting physical health and disease, and is our overall happiness in life


The intensification of the aging population trend and the increasing concern for oral health among people mean that medical equipment

The demand will continue to grow, and the oral equipment and device manufacturing industry will face more market opportunities.

The development of technology has brought emerging technologies such as intelligent technology and new materials to the field of oral equipment and device manufacturing. The emergence of intelligent devices and monitoring systems has improved the intelligence level of medical devices, facilitated communication and management between doctors and patients, and also made devices more precise and efficient, bringing better treatment effects and experiences to patients. The application of new materials in oral equipment and instruments can improve the performance of the equipment and prolong its lifespan

Service life.

This year's oral exhibition will provide a communication platform for manufacturers, medical institutions, customers, and distributors, adhering to the purpose of serving the medical and health industry, medical device industry, and the market in Jiangsu region, committed to promoting oral health

The exchange and development of the equipment and device industry, as well as the transmission of knowledge and importance of oral health.


Reported exhibition setup: July 16-17, 2024 Exhibition opening: July 18, 2024

Exhibition transaction: July 18-20, 2024 Exhibition withdrawal: July 20, 2024


Oral diagnostic equipment exhibition area: mainly showcasing dental X-ray machines, dental imaging systems, and automatic imaging of dental X-rays

Shadow machines, etc;

Oral treatment equipment exhibition area: mainly showcasing dental comprehensive treatment machines, dental laser treatment machines, and dental comprehensive treatment

Taiwan, dental comprehensive treatment box, etc;

Digital oral exhibition area: mainly showcasing digital and intelligent oral comprehensive treatment tables, panoramic machines, dental films, and mouth

Oral imaging systems such as endoscopes and dental restoration production systems;

Denture processing exhibition area: mainly showcasing denture processing factories/denture production centers, etc;

Oral disinfection equipment exhibition area: mainly showcasing sterilization and disinfection equipment and infection control products;

Oral care exhibition area: mainly showcasing care products such as dental floss, dental floss sticks, interdental brushes, mouthwash, toothpaste, etc; Oral auxiliary equipment exhibition area: mainly showcasing light curing machines, dental cleaning machines, dental precious and non precious metal alloys, fully automatic high-temperature disinfection pots, oscillation machines, porcelain stoves, various tooth extraction machines, polishing machines, dental drugs, and dental use

Disposable consumables, 3D printing for oral medicine, etc;

Oral Materials Exhibition Area: Mainly showcasing dental medical materials and tools, universal filling materials for anterior and posterior teeth, various dental materials, various dental techniques and materials, specialized instruments and materials for maxillofacial surgery, specialized instruments and materials for dental pulp and dentistry, specialized instruments and materials for periodontal disease, specialized instruments and materials for orthodontics, specialized instruments and materials for implantation, and dental materials

Dental restoration materials and implant products, as well as other accessories and auxiliary materials used in dental technology clinics;

Oral Technician Equipment and Equipment Exhibition Area: Mainly showcasing dental equipment, comprehensive equipment, dental materials, dental surgical equipment, and dental imaging equipment; Oral drugs, cleaning agents, disinfectants, oral laboratory equipment, furniture, and raw materials required for experiments; Oral hygiene products, oral health food, dental surgical equipment and materials, oral hygiene

Supplies; Dental societies, magazines, promotional materials, posters, teaching tools, technical software, etc;

Technological achievements in dental medical institutions: mainly including dental specialty hospitals, dental cosmetic specialties, dental clinic medical achievements, digital dental hospital construction and management, overall planning and design of dental medical institutions, oral hygiene

Promotion of nursing and health knowledge, oral research, and related media displays;

Costs & Precautions

Please contact the exhibition organizer for implementation before participating in the exhibition.

2024 China (Nanjing) International Oral Equipment and Equipment Expo - www.globalomp.com


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