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2024 Shanghai Grand Audiovisual Industry Ecological Exhibition

Communications / Electronics


2024/08/02 - 08/04 (Fri To Sun Total 3 Days)    Error Correction


Shanghai Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC) ChinaShanghai CityPudong New Area 2345 Longyang Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai


China Federation of Radio and Television Social Organizations


Guangzhi Media Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

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2024上海大视听产业生态展览会-大号会展 www.dahaoexpo.com

2024 Shanghai Grand Audiovisual Industry Ecological Exhibition

Time: August 2-4, 2024 Location: Shanghai New International Expo Center

Guidance unit: China Federation of Radio and Television Social Organizations

Organizer: China Federation of Radio and Television Social Organizations

Intelligent All Media Committee

China Federation of Radio and Television Social Organizations

National Defense Education and Propaganda Committee

Co organizer: Digital Economy and Digital Trade Committee of the China World Trade Organization Research Association

County level Integrated Media Center Committee of China Radio and Television Social Organization Federation

School of Journalism and Communication, Beijing Institute of Printing and Technology

Organizer: Guangzhi Media Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Exhibition background:

The new generation of information technology is driving profound changes in the media landscape, communication methods, and industrial ecology, constantly giving rise to new applications and formats in the audiovisual field. The connotation of audiovisual media is constantly expanding and boundaries are constantly breaking through. The emergence of Chat GPT, Microsoft GPT-4, and Baidu Wenxin has once again sparked a new wave of artificial intelligence, and the big audiovisual industry has entered a critical stage of profound transformation.

In this context, in order to expand industrial boundaries and activate endogenous power, under the guidance of the China Radio and Television Social Organization Federation, the Intelligent All Media Committee of the China Radio and Television Social Organization Federation and Guangzhi Media Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. jointly held the 2024 Shanghai Great Audiovisual Industry Ecological Exhibition (referred to as the Great Audiovisual PLUS) at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from August 2 to 4, 2024, in collaboration with industry related institutions. The "Big Audiovisual PLUS" will mainly take the form of themed summits, forums, and exhibitions to build an ecological platform for the deep integration of new generation information technologies such as digital content, digital visual effects, digital audio, digital display, digital stage design, and digital entertainment, promoting diversified cooperation among industry, academia, research, and application, Assist in the high-quality development of the integration and symbiosis of the entire audiovisual industry chain in the new era.


Audiovisual+next-generation information technology:

New technologies and applications such as 5G, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, blockchain, Wi Fi 6, and new display terminals.

Audio visual+digital content:

Digital content production software, tools, process management, collaborative platforms, software and hardware integrators, content service providers, content management systems/services, digital asset management, digital rights management (DRM), and content distribution services.

Audio visual+digital visual effects:

3D modeling, rendering, synthesis, 3D scanning/printing, motion capture systems, facial capture systems, real-time rendering and synthesis, virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, WEB3D, digital Li Sheng, information visualization, software based cloud/platform services, collaborative platforms, cloud services, servers, RAID systems and storage, content management systems

We are a provider of software and hardware technologies, as well as overall special effects solutions for computer graphics and animation production, including streaming media technology, modeling and rendering, 3D animation, and production.

Audio visual+digital audio:

Multimedia console, audio sampling card, output device, pickup and monitoring equipment, audio processing equipment, external and functional equipment, professional audio, professional amplifier, mixing console, public broadcasting equipment, conference system, audio and video network system, background music system acoustic materials, professional headphones and related peripheral equipment, live broadcast equipment, professional software, related accessories, etc.

Audio visual+digital display and intelligent terminals:

8K, 4K/HDR, LED screen display equipment and technology, projector, projection screen and media, video control system integration, flexible display, laser display and technology equipment, multimedia splicing screen; VR/AR, XR, MR, interactive video, free angle, holographic imaging, panoramic camera, 3D scanner, sound field microphone, naked eye immersive, wearable technology, tactile, gesture, voice control, neural devices, human-computer interaction, etc.

Audiovisual+Digital Dance Beauty:

Stage lighting, theater lighting, lighting control system, laser, audio, stage equipment, special effects entertainment, professional lighting equipment and technology, lighting control equipment; A one-stop solution service provider for innovative concepts, software and hardware, equipment, and smart cultural, creative, and tourism, including multimedia, digital artworks, digital collectibles, NFTs, IP incubation, cultural IP, and its derivative cultural and creative industries.

Costs & Precautions

Please contact the exhibition organizer for implementation before participating in the exhibition.

2024上海大视听产业生态展览会-大号会展 www.dahaoexpo.com


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