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Cicee 2023 Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition (Biennale)

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2023/05/12 - 05/15 (Fri To Mon Total 4 Days)    Error Correction


Changsha · Hunan Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center China Hunan Province Changsha City Xiangzhang East Road, Changsha County, Changsha City, Hunan Province


China Machinery Industry Federation China Society of construction machinery Hunan Provincial Department


Changsha high tech Zone Management Committee, Changsha Economic Development Zone Management Committee, Changsha Bureau of industry and information technology


China Chemical Construction Enterprise Association China Petroleum Engineering Construction Association China Electric Power Construction Enterprise Association China Metallurgical Construction Associ...

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From Xiangjiang River to Huangpu River, from star city to "magic city", the world's first press conference of the third Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition (cicee) 2023 was grandly held in Shanghai on November 5. Representatives from 64 domestic and 36 international media, including Xinhua news agency, people's daily, Hunan Daily, Hunan Satellite TV, red net and Huicong construction machinery network, heads of main organizers of the exhibition, representatives of 11 national strategic partner associations and representatives of more than 30 global top 50 construction machinery participating enterprises and supporting parts participating enterprises witnessed the grand event.

Shen Yumou, director of the organizing committee, Secretary of the Party group and director of the Department of Commerce of Hunan Province, delivered a speech at the press conference. Today, Hunan has vigorously implemented the "three highs and four innovations" strategy, accelerated the release of reform dividends in the pilot Free Trade Zone, superimposed multi-layer policy opportunities for economic development, unlimited potential and business opportunities, and comprehensively improved Hunan's external image and influence. The organizing committee will fully learn from international advanced experience, promote with high standards, plan from a high starting point and build at a high level, so as to build Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition into a world-class boutique exhibition.

* * strategic cooperation signing
* innovation - further innovation in concept to enhance the core competitiveness of the exhibition
2023 Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition will pay more attention to the trading results, adhere to building the exhibition into a service platform for global construction machinery enterprises to enter the Chinese market, Chinese construction machinery enterprises to enter the international market, international construction machinery manufacturers and international construction enterprises to exchange and cooperate, and realize 10 million online visitors.

* leap forward - further expansion of cooperation and comprehensively enhance international influence
2023 Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition will further strengthen international publicity and promotion and deepen international agency cooperation. On the basis of the existing 65 overseas cooperation institutions, 100 foreign government institutions, business associations, engineering builder organizations, construction party organizations and internationally renowned media will be developed as international cooperation institutions of the exhibition, and overseas workstations will be set up in Latin America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa, Establish an extensive overseas procurement network of the exhibition, realize the participation of more than 30000 international buyers and professional visitors, and enhance the international influence of the exhibition.

* Change - cohesion on the platform to improve Exhibition Service
Give full play to the bridge and link role of Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition to fully serve the development of the global construction machinery industry. In order to establish an industry media resource library, unite domestic and foreign industry media, establish an international construction machinery media alliance, and build an internationally influential construction machinery news center.

* promotion - further deepening the activities to enhance the radiation of the exhibition
One belt, one road, the 30 global events, industry summit, the 100 business summit, and the influence and radiation of the exhibition will be further expanded. The CTO will be held by the global exhibition of construction machinery, the global construction machinery industry chain, the Global Construction Machinery Procurement Conference, the infrastructure summit of the whole area, the intelligent construction machinery product innovation competition, the intelligent construction machinery exhibition.

Yu Xiaohong, vice president of China Chamber of Commerce for foreign contracting and engineering, Zhou Yue, deputy director general of Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce, Huang Xuegong, chief engineer of Hunan Provincial Department of industry and information technology, Guo kuilong, Secretary General of China Chamber of Commerce for import and export of mechanical and electrical products, Zhou Xianbiao, Secretary General of China Society of construction machinery, Wei Zhigang, President of wicknowson China, Dr. Hu Shengli, chief representative of Herrick China, Germany Li Mingde, general manager of baoe China, attended the press conference on May 12.

* * review of the previous session:
In 2021, the exhibition area reached 300000 square meters, 1450 exhibitors, 32 of the world's top 50 construction machinery participated in the exhibition, 300000 professional visitors attended the exhibition on site and 3 million online visitors. The global news and information exposure rate exceeded one billion times. Nearly 100 authoritative professional forums and business summits were successfully held, and the on-site transaction exceeded 40 billion yuan. Domestic and foreign media actively reported on this industry event. The international famous construction machinery media "NBM" reported the grand occasion of the exhibition with the title of "China Changsha ciceec created a record of 300000 square meters". The people's Daily reported on the grand occasion of the exhibition with "Hunan strives to climb a new high", and spoke highly of the exhibition as "standing up the backbone of advanced manufacturing industry".

* * forum events: 30 international events and Industry Summit forums; 100 enterprise business summit specific contacts.
* * media publicity: cooperation with professional media: 23 professional websites and 23 professional magazines; 45 cooperative mass media; 126 media supported


Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition will comprehensively display new products, new technologies, new materials and new schemes in the upstream and downstream of the whole industrial chain of construction machinery, and make every effort to build a value exchange platform, including:

* construction machinery
Excavation machinery, earth shoveling and transportation machinery, hoisting machinery, industrial vehicles, compaction machinery, pavement construction and maintenance machinery, concrete machinery, roadheader, piling machinery, municipal and environmental sanitation machinery, concrete products machinery, aerial operation machinery, decoration machinery, reinforcement and prestressing machinery, rock drilling machinery, pneumatic tools, military engineering machinery, garden machinery and other special engineering machinery

* construction machinery
Engineering vehicles, earth moving machinery, lifting and transportation equipment, construction equipment, tools and special systems, processing and treatment of concrete and mortar at the construction site, road construction and maintenance equipment, site facilities, pipeline and cable laying equipment and tools

* mining machinery, raw material mining and processing
Mining equipment, mining drilling rig and accessories, open pit equipment, crushing equipment, grinding equipment, beneficiation equipment, feeding equipment, conveying equipment, screening equipment, lifting storage and transportation equipment, complete sets of mine machinery safety protection and monitoring equipment, support, hydraulic machines and tools, mine electrical equipment, drilling and measuring equipment, mining pumps, mining machinery equipment accessories, special mineral equipment, raw material mining equipment, raw material processing equipment Beneficiation equipment (including coke oven equipment)

* building materials machinery
Complete sets of equipment and machinery for building components with cement, lime and gypsum as base materials, production equipment for concrete products and prefabricated components, asphalt production machinery and equipment, dry mortar, plaster, mortar, building materials supermarket product production equipment, lime sandstone and supporting equipment for the production of building materials with power plant ash waste, treatment and packaging of building materials (in the factory), glass fiber machinery Building and sanitary ceramic machinery, wall and roof material machinery, new building material machinery, non-metallic mining machinery, stone machinery, building materials instruments and other building materials machinery

* emergency equipment
Emergency engineering equipment, dangerous chemical rescue equipment, earthquake rescue equipment, mine rescue equipment, fire fighting equipment, water rescue equipment, medical rescue equipment, transportation equipment, emergency power system, communication equipment, emergency instruments, environmental monitoring, meteorological monitoring and other special equipment

* parking facilities
Lifting, translation and circulation parking equipment, parking facilities such as sentry boxes and road gates, parking management systems such as parking control and induction, and charging system after parking

* commercial vehicles
Truck, trailer, tractor, dump truck, warehouse grid car, van car, tank car, special structure car and other special vehicles

* accessories and service providers
Transmission engineering, fluid technology, generator set, accessories and wear-resistant parts, testing and maintenance equipment, control system and software, communication and navigation, construction safety, engine and engine parts, chassis and transmission parts, hydraulic and hydraulic components, pneumatic tools and components, electronic and electrical control components, working device and mechanism seals, lubrication equipment, cab and tires

Costs & Precautions

the measure of area: 300000 square metersscale: the exhibition covers an area of 300000 square meters. It is expected that 1800 enterprises will participate in the exhibition and 400000 people will visit the exhibition, including more than 30000 overseas visitors, 30 international events and Industry Summit forums; 100 enterprise business summits


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