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2021 China (Jiangmen) intelligent equipment, robot, industrial automation and Laser Technology Expo
Industry: Industrial / Mechanical / Processing
Time: 2021/09/25 - 09/27 (Sat To Mon Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Jiangmen · Guangdong Guangdong Zhuxi International Exhibition Center ChinaGuangdongJiangmen 68 Tianshahe Road, Pengjiang district, Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province
Sponsor:Guangdong Zhenzong Exhibition Co., Ltd
Organizer:Guangdong Zhenzong Exhibition Co., Ltd
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Industry background;

In the "layout and project planning of the advanced equipment manufacturing industrial belt on the West Bank of the Pearl River", the government clearly proposed to focus on the construction of Jiangmen rail transit equipment industrial base, YINZHOUHU small and medium ship base, Taishan clean energy (nuclear power) equipment Industrial Park and a number of key projects.

Professional venues:

Guangdong Zhuxi International Convention and Exhibition Center has more advanced facilities, the best logistics services and the most complete supporting services. The exhibition hall has no column design and large exhibition space, so exhibitors can give full play to it and realize high-quality image exhibition; the bearing capacity of the exhibition hall fully meets the display requirements of heavy machinery.

Brand aggregation:

Industrial brands from home and abroad and the Daguang Bay region participated in Jiangmen exhibition. The brand marketing promotion was oriented in western Guangdong, focusing on Jiangmen, displaying the industry's cutting-edge technology, the latest products and solutions.

High quality audience:

Attract scientific research and design from automobile manufacturing, engineering machinery, electric power, electronics, petrochemical, iron and steel, metallurgy and heavy mining, textile, communication, aerospace, logistics equipment, hardware, rubber and plastic manufacturing, electrical manufacturing, environmental protection, power transmission and transformation, motorcycle parts, machinery manufacturing, mechanical processing, metal processing, mold manufacturing, railway locomotive, agricultural machinery, building materials and other industries Institutions, quality control, system integrators, agents, wholesale retailers, procurement and supply, sales and service personnel attended the meeting. You will have the opportunity to meet more than 20000 professional visitors from inside and outside the province.

Aggregation effect:

Theme exhibition creates upstream and downstream industry chain, shares huge buyer resources, and you can contact more potential customers through one platform. Major industrial users in Daguang Bay area and surrounding provinces and cities will participate in it, which means that you can penetrate into your target market to the maximum extent.

Professional forum, new product and new technology press conference:

Invite industry experts, suppliers, purchasers and industry insiders to discuss industry development hotspots, exchange technical experience and grasp industry development opportunities. At the same time, it provides a good opportunity for exhibitors to recommend their own products and services, and effectively helps professional buyers to better understand the products and brands of exhibitors.

International exhibition image and service:

The visual image and service of Jiangmen Expo 2020 will be upgraded again, so that you can experience the exhibition experience from the first tier international cities in Jiangmen.

[review of the last session]

The 2018 China Guangdong (Jiangmen) smart Expo attracted nearly 210 well-known enterprises at home and abroad to display various intelligent machine tools, laser cutting machines, industrial robots, industrial automation, surface treatment, packaging, welding products, etc. the number of exhibits reached more than 1000, attracting 200.36 million professional visitors, and the on-site turnover was nearly 100 million yuan. Jiangmen wisdom fair was founded in 2017. After two years of careful cultivation, it has achieved good results. In 2019, the number of exhibitors and professional visitors is expected to increase qualitatively, and the industry status is constantly improving. It has become the largest and most influential machinery industry event in western Guangdong. About the strength of the buyer: Zhuhai Gree, Jiangmen Lihua group, Foshan Qunzhi photoelectric, Midea dishwasher, Dihao motorcycle, style motorcycle, Meizhi refrigeration, Jianshi lock, Flextronics, GAC Honda, Guangdong Wanjiale, Desai Xiwei automobile, etc.; association group: Guangzhou Panyu District Manufacturers Association, Guangzhou Nansha District Enterprise Federation, Guangzhou Nansha District small and medium-sized enterprises Guangzhou machine tool industry service center, Guangzhou Machine Tool Industry Association, Zhuhai Manufacturing Industry Association, Guangzhou Machine Tool Association, Shunde District Robot Association, Zhaoqing Duanzhou District Science and Technology Association, Jiangmen lighting industry association, Zhuhai science and technology innovation promotion association, Zhaoqing four chamber of Commerce, Zhaoqing Electronic Information Industry Association, Foshan Lecong steel world, Foshan South Sea Mold Association, etc;


Metal processing machine tools: turning, milling, boring, drilling, grinding, turning and milling compound, machining center (horizontal, vertical, gantry, combined), etc;

Special processing machine tools and special equipment: EDM, WEDM, micropore processing, engraving machine, injection molding machine, packaging automation equipment, etc;

Machine tool accessories, fixtures and tools and other auxiliary devices: industrial robot / manipulator, optical machinery, machine tool accessories chuck, worktable, turntable, safety protection device, suction cup, vise:

3D printing area: 3D printer, 3D printing materials, control system and software, auxiliary equipment, 3D printing samples, etc;

Surface treatment equipment area: surface treatment equipment such as shot blasting, sand blasting, wire drawing and polishing, surface treatment agent coating equipment and auxiliary products / industrial coatings finished products: automotive coatings, anti-corrosion coatings, mechanical coatings, coatings for light industrial household appliances, wood furniture coatings, marine coatings / thermal spraying, conversion coating, vacuum coating and other equipment and process / environmental protection, safety and resource recovery equipment; Cleaning equipment, waste liquid treatment

Dust removal, ventilation and air pollution control; coating engineering design, whole plant equipment and various types of quality control and testing instruments and equipment

Other services, etc;

Inspection and measurement equipment: CMM, image projector, laser interferometer, all kinds of micrometer mechanical performance instruments, etc;

Cutting tools and abrasives: surface processing tools, non-standard tools, tool coating, tool grinding, grinding accessories and accessories;

Die casting, casting, die casting: die casting, casting, die casting equipment, etc;

Laser and components area: new laser, fiber laser, ultrafast laser, violet / green laser, various advanced industrial lasers, CO2 laser, disc laser and YAG laser, etc;

Laser integrated processing equipment zone: material processing, laser processing equipment, medium and low power laser equipment, cutting / welding scheme, engraving machine / marking machine, laser cladding, mobile phone processing, fine processing equipment, battery processing, HDI board, scanner, strengthening / hardening OEM manufacturing, small laser processing devices and optical components, etc;

Industry 4.0 exhibition area: industrial robots, automation equipment, industrial packaging equipment, control systems and functional components, artificial intelligence, machine vision, overall solutions, industrial automation information technology and software, industrial measurement and instrumentation, others (training and consulting).

Costs & Precautions

Please contact with the organizer before the exhibition.


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