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2021 China (Xuzhou) Huaihai international medical and Health Industry Expo
Industry: Biology / Medicine / Health
Cycle: Once a year
Time: 2021/09/02 - 09/04 (Thur To Sat Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Xuzhou · Jiangsu ChinaJiangsu ProvinceXuzhou Xuzhou Huaihai International Expo Center
Sponsor:Xuzhou Zhonghuai Exhibition Service Co., Ltd
Organizer:Xuzhou Zhonghuai Exhibition Service Co., Ltd
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2021 China (Xuzhou) Huaihai international medical and Health Industry Expo is to actively respond to the national strategic call of "healthy China 2030", comply with the development trend of national medical reform, help establish and improve the medical and health system, rely on Xuzhou's high-quality medical resources, location conditions and urban development level in Huaihai economic zone and even in the whole country, and combine with "biopharmaceutical and big health industry" As one of the four emerging strategic industries in Xuzhou, the development policy, based on Huaihai and facing the whole country, will create a professional exhibition which plays an important role in promoting the development of regional economy, the improvement of medical and health level and the upgrading of industrial structure.
With the theme of "committed to the innovation of new medical industry and serving the healthy development of Huaihai", the exhibition closely follows the hot spots of the medical and health industry, comprehensively displays the technology, products and services of the whole medical and health industry chain, and creates the most influential and professional medical procurement trade platform, professional information distribution center and academic and technical exchange platform in Huaihai economic zone.
Xuzhou is a national historical and cultural city approved by the State Council, a national comprehensive transportation hub, and a central city of Huaihai economic zone. After that, the development of Xuzhou ushered in the historical opportunity of superposition of national major strategies such as the construction of the "the Belt and Road Initiative", the integration of the Yangtze River Delta and the development of the Huaihe ecological economic belt. In recent years, under the leadership of government departments at all levels, Xuzhou has stepped out of the constraints, broken through the thinking of prefecture level cities, broken the "Northern Jiangsu consciousness", vigorously developed infrastructure construction, continuously improved employment, education, medical care, pension and other livelihood projects, built a first-class national business environment model city, continuously improved people's sense of happiness, acquisition and security, and made a show to the whole country and the world Show a beautiful Xuzhou business card.
At the same time, the exhibition will hold more than 10 conference activities, such as "biopharmaceutical and big health industry" investment promotion conference, Huaihai Economic Zone medical and health collaborative development summit, Huaihai Economic Zone president Summit Forum, and Huaihai Economic Zone Academic Forum on various disciplines. It is expected to attract more than 30000 people from all walks of life to visit, exchange and cooperate. This exhibition is one of the "ten key exhibitions" in Xuzhou City in 2021. It is strongly supported by various government departments. The organizing committee will actively integrate resources from all parties and make this exhibition a high-quality exhibition benefiting people's livelihood and promoting the development of the industry based on the business philosophy of "sincerity, service, innovation and win-win cooperation".

Exhibition Name: 2021 China (Xuzhou) Huaihai international medical and Health Industry Expo
Exhibition time: September 2-4, 2021
Venue: Xuzhou Huaihai International Expo Center
Theme of the activity: striving for the innovation of new medical industry and serving the healthy development of Huaihai
Organizer: Xuzhou Zhonghuai Exhibition Service Co., Ltd
Activity scale: about 2000 delegates
About 500 exhibitors
The exhibition area is about 33000 square meters
About 30000 professional visitors
1. The government's strong support. The exhibition is one of the "ten key exhibitions" of the government in 2021. As the direct responsible unit of the exhibition, the Municipal Health Commission is responsible for coordinating the development of the exhibition.
2. The completion and use of the new hall. The scale of Xuzhou Huaihai International Expo Center is the fourth in China and the first in Jiangsu.
3. Xuzhou has powerful medical resources. There are 24 tertiary hospitals and 11 tertiary hospitals, ranking first among prefecture level cities in China.
4. Xuzhou has a huge medical market. The radiation population is 120 million, and the annual diagnosis and treatment volume is 55 million, more than that of Jinan, Hefei and other provincial capitals.
5. Xuzhou has superior location advantage. Xuzhou, located at the junction of Jiangsu, Shandong, Henan and Anhui, is the central city of Huaihai economic zone approved by the State Council and a national comprehensive transportation hub. Xuzhou's high-speed rail links 181 cities, the fourth in the country. It can reach Nanjing, Hefei, Zhengzhou, Jinan and other provincial capitals in more than one hour.
6. Constantly improve the medical system. A number of tertiary and tertiary hospitals and other medical and health institutions under construction, preparation for construction, reconstruction and expansion.
7. The development potential of medical market in Huaihai economic zone is huge. Most of the cities in Huaihai economic zone are relatively backward in economy and medical treatment. With the favorable policies and economic development, the great potential of medical market will be stimulated.
8. The organizing committee has strong recruitment ability. Through a variety of ways and channels, professional visitors are organized to ensure the visiting effect of the exhibition.
9. Organizing committee's unique post exhibition service. According to the product situation and market situation of each exhibitor, we will act as the future liaison and service provider among manufacturers, agents and medical institutions to protect the interests of all parties.
10. Lower cost for exhibitors. Compared with other cities, the booth fee is more favorable, and the cost of transportation, logistics, catering and accommodation is lower.

1. Document notice: the guiding unit, supporting unit, organizer and co Organizer shall issue and organize the visiting documents, which shall be sent to the municipal, county and township health bureaus and hospitals, and the municipal and county health bureaus shall organize the hospital presidents, purchasing offices and equipment departments to visit the meeting, negotiate and purchase orders.
2. Group visit: the guidance unit, support unit, organizer, CO organizer, etc. contact the Department of Health (bureau), Medical Association, government agencies and invite them to visit.
3. Participants: presidents of hospitals, heads of equipment departments, heads of procurement departments, directors of specialized departments, heads of township hospitals, clinics and other medical institutions, distribution agents in Huaihai Economic Zone, Jiangsu, Shandong, Henan, Anhui and other cities, and more than 100 free buses to ensure the effect of the visit.
4. Key publicity plan: carefully select well-known professional websites, newspapers and magazines to publish exhibition information, and more than 60 professional media to improve the popularity and influence of the exhibition.
5. Direct invitation: call professional buyers, dealers and agents through the staff of the organizing committee. And organize staff to deliver and mail exhibition posters and tickets. All pre registered visitors have the opportunity to draw prizes for free.
6. Ticket free plan: printing and distributing a large number of invitation letters, invitation cards, visit tickets, posters and other publicity materials, and sending exhibition progress and exhibitor information to medical institutions, distributors, agents, channel providers, import and export traders, pharmacies, community health service centers, schools and other neighboring provinces and cities every month.
7. Exhibition posters: the posters include supporting papers, recruitment, exclusive interviews with exhibitors, exhibits introduction, etc. the posters will be mailed to hospitals, distributors, agents, channels, import and export traders, pharmacies, pharmaceutical chain organizations and other units in various provinces and cities by stages and in batches.
8. Special website: the website includes exhibition overview, brief introduction of exhibitors, advertisements of exhibitors, etc. it creates an exhibition that will never end and introduces exhibitors to professional buyers.
9. Mainstream media promotion: Baidu, dither, today's headlines, fast hand, wechat circle of friends and other mainstream new media, we media, through the keyword setting, make accurate promotion to the national medical institutions, agents and other medical industry employees.
10. Professional forum, summit invitation and promotion: with the support and guidance of guidance units, support units, organizers and co organizers, more than 10 professional forums and summit will be held, and many experts and professionals will be invited to attend and visit.


1. Pharmaceutical products: chemical medicine, ethnic medicine, biopharmaceutical, Chinese patent medicine, OTC medicine, new special medicine, Chinese medicine health preservation, Chinese herbal medicine and Chinese herbal pieces, Chinese herbal formula granules, Chinese herbal wall broken pieces, refined pieces, health food and nutrition food, Chinese herbal tonics, beauty products, etc;
2. Medical equipment: diagnostic equipment, medical imaging equipment, treatment equipment, first aid equipment, auxiliary equipment, protective equipment, production equipment, traditional Chinese medicine equipment, oral equipment and supplies, inspection equipment and supplies, household medical rehabilitation equipment, ward nursing equipment and appliances, intelligent medicine, etc;
3. Medical consumables: disposable medical consumables, disposable injection and infusion equipment, medical suture materials and instruments, operating room protective and isolation sanitary products, medical bandage, gauze, mask, operating suit, medical plaster, wound patch, cotton ball, medical gloves, surgical protective film, medical breathable tape, adhesive, application, etc;
4. Epidemic prevention supplies: N95 mask, medical surgical mask, disposable medical mask, medical gloves, medical hat, medical protective clothing (class B and C, including goggles, mask and boot cover), 75% alcohol, disinfectant wipes, disinfectant, hand free disinfectant, sterilization lamp, air purification sprayer, ultraviolet lamp car, new coronavirus detection reagent, etc.

Costs & Precautions

Please contact with the organizer before the exhibition.


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