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Baku Expo Center, Baku Exhibition Center, Azerbaijan

Address:H.Aliyev ave. Surakhany district Baku
Area:12000 M²
Tel:+994 12 404 82 00


Baku Expo Center is a multi-purpose activity site built in accordance with the highest international standards. It is the common point of business and entertainment of industry exhibitions, conferences, product exhibitions, seminars, conferences and enterprise activities. The indoor exhibition area of Baku Expo Center includes three exhibition halls: hall 1 with an area of 4131 square meters; hall 2 with an area of 5019 square meters; and Hall 3 with an area of 2733 square meters. The exhibition hall is equipped with noise proof partition, which enables it to hold multiple exhibitions at the same time. If necessary, the anti noise partition can be easily removed to make the exhibition hall change its size at will, making the exhibition hall more spacious. All exhibition halls are equipped with power, water and gas supply, ventilation and air conditioning systems, as well as safety, security and fire protection systems. Each exhibition hall has complete equipment for unloading and carrying.


Bus Line

Baku Central Railway Station, X tai prospectuses, Baki AZ101038463;'22622;' 25308;'30086;
Baku Expo Center, 515 1050, Heydryliyev prospectus, Baki, 384633;22622;- 25308;- 30086;

25 minutes (24.9 km)
Airport Rd
24 minutes (if the road is clear)
Baku Central Railway Station
X ə Tai prospekti, Bak ı az1010 Azerbaijan
Airport Rd
12 minutes (10.2km)
Move on, go to airport Rd
6 minutes (10.3km)
Enter airport Hwy
1 minute (1.5km)
走Airport Hwy
1 minute (2.0KM)
To destination

From Gaidar Aliyev International Airport az1109, settlement, Baku, Azerbaijan
Baku Expo Center, 515 1050, Heydryliyev prospectus, Baki, 384633;22622;- 25308;- 30086;

10 minutes (4.8km)
Via airport and airport Rd
9 minutes (if the road is clear)
Heydar Aliyev International Airport
Az1109, settlement, Baku, Azerbaijan

West along Airport
Passing Baku International Airport parking lots (450m on the right side of the road)
1.4 kilometers

On ramp airport Rd
2.3 kilometers

Turn right
120 meters

Turn right
Destination on the left


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