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Frankfurt Exhibition Group announced its turnover in 2018, breaking a new record

Publish Time: 2019-01-26   Hits: 14550 Editor: zixun2
"About 78% of the group's exhibitions and events in Frankfurt are held by exhibitors and 56% of its visitors are from ou


In 2018, the turnover of Messe Frankfurt continues to grow, which is expected to reach 715 million euros. In 2018, Messe Frankfurt held nearly 500 exhibitions around the world, bringing in more than 100000 exhibitors and 4.5 million visitors.

Mr. Friedman, chairman of the board of directors of Messe Frankfurt, highly praised this achievement: "as a major shareholder, we are honored to be able to invest in such an outstanding group". Mr. Friedman stressed: "in 2018, the group's turnover in Germany alone has reached about 424 million euros, breaking the record again."

Mr. Ma Fukang, President of the group, said in introducing the group's preliminary data in 2018: "this year, the group further expanded the scope of the brand exhibition to the world, while accelerating the pace of global commercial acquisition. This year, the group has held about 150 trade fairs, bringing together about 102000 exhibitors, with the number reaching a new high. "

"About 78% of the group's exhibitions and events in Frankfurt are held by exhibitors and 56% of its visitors are from outside Germany," said Mr. baidler, a member of the board of directors of Messe Frankfurt He added: "there is no doubt that business cooperation requires face-to-face communication through exhibitions. At present, the key to achieve seamless communication is to find an intelligent way to combine reality and digital world closely. To this end, we are going all out to prepare for the future exhibition. "

Mr. Bian Wuxian, a member of the group's board of directors, said: "the essence of industry 4.0 is deeply confirmed by the group's 3D printing exhibition formnext in Frankfurt and the industrial automation exhibition SPS in Nuremberg." Mr Bian added: "we have also been very successful in the service sector. With the support of the media service company of Messe Frankfurt and the catering enterprises, the sales volume this year reached 100 million euros. "

Outside Germany, the group and its partners work together to promote core business in key markets. With the debut of more than 30 new exhibitions and activities, the international influence of Messe Frankfurt will continue to increase.


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