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Ningbo International Exhibition Center

Address:181 Huizhan Road, Yinzhou District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province
Area:140000 M²
Location:China-Zhejiang Province-Ningbo City-Yinzhou District
Tel:0574-87052130 / 87052056


Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center is a large modern exhibition hall invested and built by Ningbo municipal government. The exhibition center has convenient transportation, only 5 km away from the entrance of Shanghai Hangzhou Ningbo and Ningbo Taizhou Wenzhou expressways, 18 km away from the Beilun port, the second largest port in China, and can be directly connected to Ningbo Airport via Century Avenue, and 329 National Highway via Yongjiang tunnel, and directly connected to Hangzhou Bay Cross Sea Bridge.
Ningbo International Exhibition Center covers an area of 44.4 hectares. The center covers an area of 44.4 hectares, with a total construction area of 140 thousand square meters. It is mainly composed of 8 surrounding conventional exhibition halls, conference building, business building and other ten major buildings. It can provide nearly 5000 international standard exhibition booths. Each exhibition hall is independent of each other and connected with each other to form a functional pattern that can be divided and combined. It can meet various exhibition activities of large, medium and small scale. The exhibition hall scale is two in the country The first tier cities.
The main entrance of the South Gate of the Convention and Exhibition Center is equipped with the century culture square of 123000 square meters. The main buildings are: the main sculpture "nine things under heaven", glass gallery, glass bridge, landscape tower, etc.
There are music fountains in the center of the square. In every grand exhibition, the colorful spring dances with the melodious music, forming a beautiful scenery.
The sign tower on the central axis of the square is 72 meters high, known as "dinghaishen needle". The Shenzhen needle goes straight into the sky, which forms an interesting contrast with the bow shape of the main exhibition hall. It means that Ningbo exhibition industry is "ready to launch".
Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center is a window to show Ningbo's economy, culture, history and development level. Since it was built and put into use, it has successfully held more than 200 exhibitions at home and abroad, including Zhejiang investment and trade fair, China International Consumer Goods Expo, Ningbo international clothing festival, China Food Expo, Higher Education Equipment Expo, China Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo Large well-known exhibitions such as the Expo have aroused a lot of repercussions in the industry.
Since 2004, Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center has won the title of "the best exhibition venue in China's Convention and exhibition industry", and won the industry praise for four consecutive years. In 2005, Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center won the title of "China's top ten excellent Convention and exhibition centers", and in 2006, Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center won the title of "the top ten exhibition centers in China" The title of honor is in your arms. In 2008, it won the "China exhibition industry exhibition hall best management award", and in 2009, it won the "China exhibition industry best venue Award". So far, Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center has explored a characteristic road suitable for its own development.
In the future, the whole Ningbo International Exhibition Center will cover an area of 1.1 square kilometers, divided into core area and expansion area, in which the core area covers an area of 0.6 square kilometers and the expansion area covers an area of 0.5 square kilometers. The National Exhibition Center will build four functional areas, namely "temporary exhibition, perennial exhibition, business office and comprehensive supporting". After completion, the total construction area of the National Exhibition Center is 2.5 million square meters, including 1 million square meters of permanent exhibition hall and 200000 square meters of temporary exhibition hall.
At present, exhibition hall 1 and hall 2 have been completed and put into use respectively. Among them, the exhibition hall 1 was officially put into use at the end of November 2006, with a total construction area of 78000 square meters. The positioning of the exhibition products is home appliances and electronic products. The exhibition hall 2 was officially put into operation on June 8, 2010 during Zhejiang business fair and consumer Expo, with a total construction area of 201800 square meters. The main theme of the exhibition is home accessories, which is intended to be built into Exhibition and wholesale market of large-scale import and export commodities with the theme of "home" series of commodities.
At present, Ningbo municipal government has defined the exhibition industry as a strategic industry for the urban development of Ningbo. Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center is the core area of the business exhibition area of the eastern new town of Ningbo, and also an important part of Ningbo International Trade Exhibition Center. It will form Ningbo modern together with the Ningbo International Financial Service Center and Ningbo International Shipping Service Center under construction An important platform for the service industry.

Exhibition hall scale
In front of the main entrance of the exhibition center, there are 123000 square meters of century culture square and welcome square. The environment is comfortable and beautiful. The exhibition hall is magnificent, spacious, functional and full of strong flavor of the times. Covering an area of more than 600 mu, with a building area of more than 90000 square meters, it is mainly composed of four exhibition halls in the southeast, northwest, and is equipped with six major buildings, including conference building and business building.

Conference Room
Composed of exhibition hall, reception room and shaoluoyang Art Museum, it is suitable for holding all kinds of small and medium-sized and professional exhibitions. In the hall, a new point type glass curtain wall is used to fix the large area glass wall with metal parts, which was the first time used in our city at that time. The East, South and North entrances are respectively equipped with Dutch crystal glass revolving doors and sliding doors. The hall is equipped with background music, communication, computers and other business facilities, with the modern convention and exhibition place lighting, convenient access Complete facilities and elegant environment. Shaoluoyang Art Museum, located in the exhibition hall, covers a building area of more than 500 square meters. It is divided into exhibition hall, drawing room and reception room. The soft beige marble on the ground and the wall, the antique chairs and tables, are very consistent with the artistic atmosphere of the exhibition and the collection of calligraphy, painting and calligraphy. It is suitable for the exhibition of all kinds of calligraphy, painting, cultural relics, antiques and precious works of art. The report hall supporting the exhibition center has 234 standard seats, with complete facilities, suitable for holding various reports, forums, learning meetings and press conferences.




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