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Kunming Dianchi International Exhibition Center

Address:Huanhu East Road, Guandu District, Kunming City, Yunnan Province
Area:4048000 M²
Location:China-Yunnan Province-Kunming City-Guandu District


Kunming Dianchi International Convention and Exhibition Center is located in Fubao peninsula area, Guandu District, Kunming city. It is a large-scale, wide layout and multi-level building complex with a total planned land area of 2280 mu, which runs 2600 meters from north to south, 1000 meters from east to west, and 12 meters above ground.
The project is divided into four functional areas, i.e. International Expo area, international conference area, exhibition style tourism area and Exhibition supporting ecological community. The total construction area above the ground is about 4.048 million square meters, the underground construction area is about 1.038 million square meters, and the total investment is about 34.462 billion yuan, of which: the investment in land and infrastructure is about 2 billion yuan, the investment in construction engineering is about 28.762 billion yuan, and the interest during the construction period is about 37.7 million yuan Billion yuan. Kunming Dianchi International Convention and Exhibition Center is positioned as a large-scale urban mountain comprehensive public construction project integrating functions of International Convention and exhibition, international conference, tourism service, business, culture and entertainment, etc., and the Yunnan provincial government requires that part of the international exhibition area be officially put into use in June 2014, with an investment of about 5.931 billion yuan.

Kunming Dianchi International Convention and Exhibition Center will be built into a low-carbon, ecological, environmental protection and multi-functional international convention and exhibition center with convention and exhibition as the core, integrating conference and exhibition, cultural experience, leisure and entertainment, business and commerce, in accordance with the goal of "first class in China and leading in the world", with the purpose of creating "century boutique and handed down works". Make the building more iconic, unique and unique. Fully reflect the characteristics of the times, the specialty and Yunnan. Kunming New International Convention and Exhibition Center is not only Yunnan's, but also the world's; it belongs to both the present and the future.
Kunming Dianchi International Exhibition Center project is invested by Yunnan new century Dianchi international cultural tourism exhibition Investment Co., Ltd. and CSCEC Steel Structure Co., Ltd. is responsible for the in-depth design, manufacturing and installation of roof and outer grid steel structure. The roof steel structure is a rare variable section thin-walled special-shaped bending and twisting all welded spatial structure in China. Its structure is novel and complex. The outer arc grids are all three-dimensional bending and twisting box members, and the bending and twisting angles and directions of each member are not the same.

Pavilion parameters
International Exhibition Center - about 700000 square meters
CBD CBD - about 850000 square meters
Exhibition apartment - about 1.1 million square meters
Tourist town - about 400000 square meters
Aquarium - about 400000 square meters
Commercial mall - about 500000 square meters
Dianwanggong Hotel and Conference Center - about 300000 square meters




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