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Liaoning Provincial Science and Technology Museum

Address:No. 159, wisdom Third Street, Hunnan District, Shenyang
Location:China-Liaoning Province-Shenyang City-Hunnan District


The decoration style of Liaoning science and Technology Museum is fresh, elegant and extraordinary. With 98 guest rooms, 15 programs received by satellite, split air conditioning, 24-hour heating water; efficient, high-quality management, sincere and thoughtful service will make you spend a beautiful time, leaving unforgettable memories.     

The exhibition and Education Department of Liaoning science and Technology Museum has 800 square meters exhibition hall and 5 training classrooms. Various exhibitions, fairs, demonstrations and technical training courses can be held. In August 2000, Wen Shizhen, Secretary of Liaoning provincial Party committee, and Zhang Xingxiang, Secretary of Shenyang municipal Party committee, visited the picture exhibition "advocating science and civilization, opposing superstition and ignorance" held by the Ministry of education. Liaoning Provincial Science and Technology Museum Hotel was rated as a three-star hotel by the National Tourism Department in November 2001. 98 guest rooms can receive customers with different needs at the same time. There are various conference rooms and academic lecture halls with 30 to 500 people. The lecture hall is equipped with simultaneous interpretation equipment in six languages. The catering Department of Liaoning science and Technology Hotel Deals in Liaoning cuisine, Sichuan cuisine, Guangdong cuisine, Chinese and Western pasta and various flavors. There are two large banquet halls, which can receive 500 guests at the same time. It is the best place for large-scale conference dining, wedding banquet and buffet. A medium-sized banquet hall, which can accommodate 70 people, is the best choice for students' Party and birthday party. There are 11 large and small private rooms with first-class audio equipment, which are spacious and comfortable.

Exhibition hall scale
The 500 seat lecture hall is equipped with simultaneous interpretation equipment in six languages; the expert meeting room, VIP room and academic lecture hall are suitable for all kinds of meetings, and it is most convenient to meet in Liaoning Provincial Science and Technology Museum. There are 13 restaurants of different styles, including authentic Liao cuisine, Chunzheng Sichuan cuisine, Guangdong style shaola, Chinese and Western pasta, and flavor snacks. The advanced KTV equipment makes you enjoy your food and play happily. The exhibition hall and education are spacious and bright, which is a good place to hold exhibitions and trainings. Business center and shopping mall should be complete. Welcome to science and Technology Hotel.




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