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Liuzhou Museum

Address:No. 37, Jiefang North Road, Liuzhou City (opposite liuhou Park)
Area:12872 M²
Location:China-Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region-Liuzhou City-city central district


Liuzhou museum is located in the east of the people's square of Liuzhou City, Guangxi, with convenient transportation. It is a comprehensive national key museum with advanced facilities and modern functions, and one of the landmark buildings of Liuzhou city. Founded in 1958, it was originally located at No. 6, Wuyi Road, Liuzhou City, and moved to the current site in July 2003. The building area is 12872 square meters, covering an area of 26 mu, and the exhibition hall area is 5800 square meters. After 43 years of construction, it has gradually developed into the center of cultural relics protection, cultural relics display and cultural relics research in Central Guangxi. The building is built of granite storm stone, in the style of ancient city palace. It is elegant and thick, with 21 relief galleries, implying the 21st century Liuzhou and 2100 years of heavy history, reflecting the prehistoric civilization, national folk culture, modern culture and other contents of Liuzhou. There are 360000000 pieces of cultural relics in the collection, especially the folk cultural relics of Zhuang, Yao, Miao and Dong nationalities. In the west, there are bronze horn shaped vessels with King Lei pattern, flat bells of the Warring States period, huniuyu of the Han Dynasty, bronze mirrors and drums, as well as the calligraphers Dong Qichang of the Ming Dynasty, the four kings of the Qing Dynasty, Qi Baishi and Zhang Daqian of the Han Dynasty. Many cultural relics in the collection have local characteristics, because they are rare and exquisite And become a national treasure. It basically displays Liuzhou historical and cultural exhibition, Liuzhou ethnic minority customs exhibition, ancient bronze exhibition, ancient calligraphy and painting fan display, and ancient ceramics display, which directly shows the unique national culture and long history of Liuzhou to the audience.

Exhibition hall scale
The building area is 12872 square meters, covering an area of 26 mu, and the exhibition hall area is 5800 square meters.




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