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Europe's three major home furnishing exhibitions ended, and key words of 2019 home furnishing trend were announced

Publish Time: 2019-01-29   Hits: 20175 Editor: fengzemin
Although the trend of decoration will come back every few years, functionalism is the eternal theme in the design of hou


In January 2019, IMM in Cologne, HEIMTEXTIL Frankfurt in Frankfurt and M & O in French home furnishing exhibition staged in turn, which not only attracted exhibitors and designers from all over the world, but also revealed the latest trend of home furnishing industry in 2019.

Theme of the year: towards Utopia

From January 9 to 11, the 49th Frankfurt home textile exhibition was held in Frankfurt Convention and Exhibition Center, Germany. As one of the most successful exhibition brands in Frankfurt, HEIMTEXTIL is not only the largest and most international exhibition in this field, but also the forefront of the global trend of home textile products due to its authoritative forecast of popular trends.

Focusing on the theme of "towards Utopia", this Frankfurt home textile exhibition subdivides five themes, namely "playfulness", "seeking asylum", "subverting the Convention", "escaping from reality" and "extreme indulgence". It displays the annual popular trend in 2019 with different spatial devices and fabrics.

Key words of household trend in 2019: Reincarnation

In 2019, cold minimalism is no longer preferred by designers. Whether it's furniture at Cologne, home textiles at Frankfurt or accessories at Paris, it's calling for the return of color. Warm and lively colors began to be popular, and bold color matching with retro meaning became the inspiration source of brand innovation. In this context, the eye-catching yellow, pink, green and dark blue are expected to become the new year's popular colors.

Key words of household trend in 2019: curve

At Cologne furniture exhibition, the 2019 new products launched by the top brands show their preference for curves from different dimensions. At the same time, the furniture with more design sense, more softness, or more playful temperament also gives the home space a more warm and comfortable atmosphere. It is particularly worth mentioning that a series of glassware and cell series of new products launched by zahah adidd esign product design studio at the Paris Home Furnishing Exhibition not only continue Hadid's love for curves, but also become a single product for designers from all over the world to make pilgrimage.

2019 household trend key words: Nature

From the perspective of Frankfurt home textile exhibition and Paris Home Furnishing Exhibition, the link between naturalism and exquisite life is closer than that in 2018. Taking home textile fabrics as an example, jungle wind and bright colors of broad-leaved plants are still popular themes of home textile, but compared with 2018, designers pay more attention to the combination of patterns and embroidery technology, giving fabrics more abundant mechanism. At the same time, through the mixing and collision of materials, such as cotton, hemp and chenille, 2019 home textiles have a softer and more comfortable texture.

Key words of 2019 home furnishing trend: Decoration

Although the trend of decoration will come back every few years, functionalism is the eternal theme in the design of household products. The expression of functionalism in Cologne furniture exhibition, which has a strict German pedigree, has never been disappointing. Through this Cologne exhibition, we can easily find that the use of new materials gives furniture and fabrics more special properties, and based on these special properties, furniture, fabrics and home products have more applicability. In addition, we should pay attention to the technical details created by exquisite craftsmanship. These seemingly inconspicuous details not only make the furniture more comfortable, but also make the furniture more durable and changeable.


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