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Guangzhou Jinhan Exhibition Centre

Address:602 Jinye Guangzhou Exhibition Co., Ltd., building 1, Jinhan Exhibition Center, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province
Area:25000 M²
Location:China-Guangdong Province-Guangzhou City-Yuexiu District


Guangzhou Jinhan Exhibition Center is located in the commercial center of Guangzhou. On the west side is the Liuhua Hall of China Export Commodities Fair, and on the south are two five-star hotels - China Hotel and Oriental Hotel. The center is directly connected to Guangzhou Metro Line 2. You can take the subway to the downtown and surrounding areas. The center and surrounding hotels, leisure facilities and convenient transportation constitute a mature business exhibition area, which is an ideal venue for high-quality, professional, public and consumer exhibitions. Guangzhou Jinhan Exhibition Center is invested, constructed and operated by Guangzhou Dongtai Juncheng Co., Ltd. The center covers an area of 25000 square meters and has three pavilions. The main exhibition hall, hall 2, is divided into three floors, covering an area of 23000 square meters. Since it was officially put into use in October 2002, the business of the center has made rapid growth, holding about 40 exhibitions every year, and is constantly attracting more well-known exhibitions here. Guangzhou Jinhan Exhibition Center aims to serve conference affairs, promote trade and promote economy, and will work together with foreign excellent exhibition companies to create unlimited business opportunities with superior geographical location, excellent venue equipment and professional exhibition services.

Exhibition hall scale
The center covers an area of 25000 square meters, with two exhibition halls. Exhibition area of hall 1 is 17600 square meters, and exhibition area of hall 2 is 18000 square meters. The new hall 2 is a two-story light steel structure building with 900 standard booths. The clear height of the pavilion is 8m, and the smooth flow of people and logistics is fully considered. There are 8 reasonably distributed entrances and exits, 2 groups of escalators, 3 groups of passenger, goods and 8 walking ladders. The wireless broadband Internet signal in the pavilion covers the whole pavilion, and multi-functional conference hall, business center, coffee shop, Chinese and Western food supply points, rest areas, etc. are also set up, as well as various supporting facilities such as ventilation, electricity, air and water It is complete and sufficient. There are 200 parking spaces attached outside the pavilion. The whole pavilion is simple and spacious with reasonable layout and complete facilities.

Conference Room
Guangzhou Jinhan Exhibition Center Conference Center is the largest conference center in Guangzhou Exhibition Hall, which consists of modern conference hall and nine small and medium-sized conference rooms. The Jinhan conference hall covers an area of 1036 ㎡, with a clear height of 6.5 meters. It can be used as a hall to accommodate large-scale meetings of up to 650 people, and can be divided into two halls for the same use. Equipped with advanced audio-visual equipment and professional communication system, the conference center is an ideal place for holding various business activities, such as annual meetings of enterprises, advanced forums, press conferences, performances and large-scale celebrations.




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