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Shenzhen Gymnasium (Sungang Road)

Address:No. 2006, Sungang West Road, Futian District, Shenzhen
Area:211200 M²
Location:China-Guangdong Province-Shenzhen City-Futian District


Shenzhen gymnasium was invested and built by Shenzhen Municipal Government in 1985. His building is square, magnificent and solid. As a whole, the silvery white building, set off by the green Bijia mountain, is distinctive and outstanding. In particular, the four uprights support the huge ceiling, which has a great bearing. The construction area of the gymnasium is 21200 square meters. The flowers and trees around are luxuriant and evergreen all the year round. The quiet and broad square and lush green belt form a harmonious and beautiful realm. Facing the South Square of the gate, stands a large-scale stainless steel sculpture with Chinese women's volleyball team as its content, named striving. On the wall of the gymnasium facing the west square is a plane relief with the title of Olympic light, which is made of black jade and stone. When the event is held, the audience can climb the second floor platform from the south, North and west wide steps of the stadium. The platform is paved with light brown anti-skid tiles, where people can have a rest, talk, walk and view the surrounding scenery. Through the four open glass doors into the hall, there are ten entrances to the audience. There is a canteen and toilet on the East and west sides. The East Gate on the first floor of the gymnasium is the entrance for guests, which leads to the VIP Hall and onto the rostrum and guest seat. The north gate of the first floor is the equipment entrance and exit, the south gate is the staff entrance and exit, as well as the emergency exit and fire evacuation exit.  


Shenzhen gymnasium is a multi-purpose modern gymnasium, which can not only hold a variety of sports competitions, but also perform literary and art performances and large-scale gatherings. The main venue of the competition in the museum is paved with Canadian maple floor, which is 44 meters long and 27 meters wide. There are 6000 fixed seats in the audience stand, which are respectively red, blue, yellow and green to indicate the East, South, West and north areas, so as to facilitate the audience to check the number of seats. Soft seats for chairs and guest seats. Seats can also be added to the venue. The gymnasium is equipped with complete central air conditioning system, large electronic display screen and scoreboard, TV monitoring, broadcasting and multi group communication system, safety and fire monitoring system, central sound hanger and surround speaker group, world-class British Matian sound system, professional mixer, amplifier and effect processor, etc., as well as a complete set of stage lighting system and multi Functional combination stage. In many years of activities. The gymnasium has also brought up a number of professional talents in stage art design, lighting and sound effect design and regulation.

Sub Library

In addition to the main gymnasium, there are also ball games and gymnasiums attached to the gymnasium, which can be used for pre match warm-up or training. The corridor on the first floor surrounds the main hall, which is connected with five entrances and exits. The functional rooms of the gymnasium are complete, including the record office, athletes' lounge, actors' dressing room, men's and women's changing room, toilet, press center, reception room, library, conference room, luxury VIP Hall, guest lounge, equipment warehouse and studio of each department of the gymnasium.


Since its establishment in 1985, the gymnasium has been competent for a wide range of sports competitions, performances and comprehensive activities of different specifications at home and abroad. It used to be the main venue of the 10th and 20th anniversary celebration conferences of the special zone. General Secretary Jiang Zemin made an important speech as party and state leaders and provincial and municipal leaders joined in the celebration with the masses.


Today's Shenzhen gymnasium is open to the society in a multi-level and all-round way to provide high-quality services. It provides conditions for strengthening sports exchanges between the special zone and Hong Kong, Macao, the mainland and foreign countries, and plays a positive role in promoting the development of sports, economic construction and spiritual civilization in Shenzhen.




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