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2024 China Shenzhen International Extreme Sports Equipment Exhibition

Publish Time: 2024-01-20   Hits: 92263 Editor: fengzemin
With skateboarding, surfing, rock climbing and other sports being selected as official events for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, extreme sports with a slightly rebellious atmosphere finally entered the main...


2024 China Shenzhen International Extreme Sports Equipment Exhibition
Simultaneously held: 2024 China Extreme Sports Forum
Time: March 14-16, 2024
Address: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center

The favorable policies and market demand have provided favorable conditions for the development of the industry. In this context, with the support of various regulatory departments and associations, the 2024 China Shenzhen International Extreme Sports Equipment Exhibition will be held from March 14th to 16th at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition content includes: downhill, skateboarding, extreme cycling, climbing, diving, drifting, parkour, wing mounted flying, snowboarding, surfing, street descent, tripping More than 40 sports equipment and safety equipment, including extreme off-road, extreme water skiing, and extreme roller skating. It is expected to gather 500 global brand enterprises and dozens of foreign exhibition groups, providing an efficient platform for representatives from various parties in the extreme sports industry to search for new products, conduct business matching, evaluate procurement, and negotiate cooperation. And through rich on-site activities to communicate with industry professionals about industry development trends, provide a diversified display and communication platform for brand owners, creative design companies, and powerful factories.
The only extreme sports industry event in the country, with an expected exhibition area of 50000 square meters and 1200 pre-set booths, with over 70000 traders, distributors, agents, and professional buyers, creating a world-class extreme sports equipment and equipment industry event. Looking forward to your visit!
Forum activities:
2024 China Extreme Sports Forum
2024 China Extreme Sports and Safety Forum
2024 China Extreme Sports Events
2024 China Extreme Sports Awards Ceremony
2024 China Extreme Sports Carnival
Exhibition scope:
Roller Skating and Skateboarding: Supplies and equipment such as roller skates, roller skates, roller skates, speed skating ice skates, skateboard and skateboard U-pools, long boards, electric skateboards, etc.
Climbing supplies: climbing boards, wooden climbing boards, hiking buckles, inflatable climbing, inflatable slides, rubber tiles, climbing accessories.
Extreme vehicles: small wheelers, extreme bicycles, mountain bikes, extreme motorcycles, climbing bikes, road bikes, and performance bikes.
Ski supplies: snowboards, stabilizers, ski shoes, ski poles, snowboards, snowboard stabilizers, snowboard shoes, sleds, ski clothing, accessories, snow wax, and maintenance tools.
Water sports and diving/rafting supplies: water skiing, surfing, water motorcycles, inflatable boats, rafting boats, kayaks and rafts, windsurfing, motor boats, inflatable water and land tents, inflatable water (swimming) pools, water entertainment surfing floats, swimming goggles, diving goggles, surfing boards, frog shoes, breathing tubes, swimming caps, diving bags, warm vests, life jackets, diving suits, surfing suits, water skiing suits, diving gloves, diving socks, bottle covers Submarines such as cup covers and oxygen cylinders.
Other extreme sports equipment and equipment: downhill, wing mounted flying, aerial skateboarding, mountain gliding, diving, bungee jumping, parkour, parachuting, extreme off-road, slalom, off-road running, fighting, polo, frisbee, single and double board, Hercules, ski jumping, block obstacle, etc.
Other displays: venue equipment, safety equipment, sports food and beverages, sports rehabilitation, clubs, IP events, training, education, finance, etc.
Exhibition features:
1. Connect the extreme sports industry chain and experience one-stop procurement
Breaking down barriers between extreme sports supply chains, brand owners, channel owners, service organizations, and event communities, creating a one-stop procurement scenario, integrating resources, accurately matching, promoting intra chain communication, and continuously bringing new impetus, concepts, and opportunities to the industry.
2. Focusing on the vertical field of extreme sports and building a sports ecosystem
Gathering numerous well-known international and domestic equipment brands, showcasing various extreme sports equipment, safety supplies, venues, event activities, education, training, and other full industry chains, building a diverse extreme sports ecosystem.
3. Digging deep into the economy of extreme sports experts and leading social trends
A hundred KOLs and KOCs shared their extreme sports lifestyle on site, leading them to play "sports style socializing", igniting communication, enhancing market influence and purchasing power, and promoting cross-border breakthroughs in the industry.
Organizing Committee of 2024 China Extreme Sports Exhibition:
Phone: 021-59781615
Contact person: Li Yan 13162209353


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