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2021 20th Western China International Advertising Festival
Industry: Media / Advertising / Publishing
Time: 2021/04/09 - 04/11 (Fri To Sun Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Chongqing Nanan District Chongqing International Convention and Exhibition Center ChinaChongqingSouth Bank Area No. 2 Jiangnan Avenue, Nanan District, Chongqing
Sponsor:Chongqing Advertising Association
Organizer:Chongqing West Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd.
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Chongqing West Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd. was established in 1998. It is a member of many industry organizations. It has a wide business network and good terminal customer resources throughout the country. Business involves general planning and implementation of exhibitions and public activities, commodity exhibition services, exhibition projects, business information, enterprise marketing, advertising design and production, etc.

Under the guidance, assistance and support of the relevant government functional departments, the company has always adhered to the principle of "customer first, service first, quality first", based on the success of customers, focusing on the needs of customers, and created regular brand meetings of "Western International Advertising Festival", "Chongqing LED Lighting Exhibition", "Chongqing Packaging and Digital Printing Exhibition", which have been widely praised in the industry and become industry customers. Business partners have been awarded honorary titles such as "Civilization Unit of Advertising Industry", "China Regional Brand Exhibition Award", "Excellent Exhibition Enterprise", "Excellent Brand Exhibition", "Love Contribution Enterprise" and "Civilization Unit of Exhibition Industry".

"Sustainable management and promotion of brand" is the long-term development goal of Western exhibitions. Adhering to the "integration of resources, high-quality services, brand development, mutual benefit and win-win" purpose of the exhibition, we constantly innovate service mode, improve service quality, expand the market for exhibitors and create good opportunities for trade.

Chongqing Western Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd. founded the first Western China International Advertising Festival in 2001. After 19 years of cultivation, the exhibition area has grown to 60,000 square meters. So far, it has successfully held 19 sessions, attracting 686 enterprises to participate in the exhibition, with a booth size of 1800, ranking first in the same kind of exhibition in Western China. Professional audiences are mainly from Hubei, Sichuan, Shaanxi, Henan, Gansu, Hunan, Yunnan, Guizhou, Xinjiang, Tibet, Qinghai and the surrounding areas of Chongqing, including distributors, agents, traders, producers, import and export companies, and many other buyers in the advertising industry.

With the aim of "specialization, scale and branding", the Western China International Advertising Festival has developed into the largest and most influential professional event in the western region. It has also become an important platform for people in the advertising industry to connect with each other. It has played a positive role in promoting market communication and communication between buyers and sellers in the advertising industry.


◆Digital inkjet Photo-Painting equipment and accessories, UV flat printing equipment and consumables, digital textile printing machine, heat transfer machine, digital image technology output equipment, strip machine, cold mounting machine, hot mounting machine, splicing machine, film coating machine, etc.

◆Digital printing consumables such as inkjet ink, ink, spray-painting machine, photo-machine, tarpaulin, mesh cloth, single-permeable film, cold-mounted film, car body sticker, instant sticker, backing glue, reflective material, photographic paper, etc.

Laser engraving, cutting, welding machine, CNC engraving machine, cutting tools and related accessories; plasma cutting machine, bending machine, bending machine, engraving machine, slotting machine, polishing machine, plastic suction machine, mini-characters, light-emitting character equipment, label, card equipment, etc.

◆acrylic board, PVC foam board, aluminium-plastic board, KT board and other advertising materials;

Printer series: needle printer, laser printer, etc. Printing consumables: ink cartridge, selenium drum, ribbon, carbon powder, ink, etc.

◆Adhesive binding machine, indentation machine, charter machine, printer, overlay machine, paper cutting machine, folding machine, grooving machine, fillet machine, punching and binding machine, multi-functional menu machine, etc. Film spraying machine, image and text multi-functional machine, digital printing system, high-speed copier, plotter, engineering scanner, large-scale photo printer, laser engineering printer, thermal transfer equipment, etc.

Digital signs: advertising machine, poster machine, 3-D naked eye display, 3-D stereo products, LCD display screen, touch-in-one machine, electronic Kanban, LCD splicing, interactive touch control system network media, interactive media, animation advertising new media, multimedia design and production technology and equipment, multimedia information publishing system, management software, content creation service, network operation service, etc.

Exhibition exhibition equipment: display cabinet, exhibition equipment and shelves: sales promotion and promotion equipment: portable exhibition equipment series, stage truss, exhibition shelf and Exhibition equipment, etc.

◆ Signs, signs, metal characters, resin characters, mini-characters, light-emitting words, plastic products, light boxes and profiles, LED three-sided and multi-sided products;

◆LED display screen, LED chip, packaging and equipment, LED advertising light source, LED application products, LED lighting series;

◆ Advertising gifts, banners, tents, umbrellas, air models, non-woven bags, advertising three-dimensional drawings, recipes, various trophies, medals, conference cards, suspenders, books, galleries, management or export software, post-production technology and other types of advertising media;

App, self-Media development and management, mobile phone software development and application, website, Weixin, micro-blog platform, mobile advertising platform, etc.

◆Four new enterprises Internet + platform and operation, advertising products industry service platform, comprehensive advertising service providers, new media channels, etc.

Costs & Precautions

Class  No

General Exhibition Area9

Special exhibition area9

Indoor lighting fees36Start-rent)

Domestic Enterprises




Foreign Enterprises




Standard booth

Matching    Location

Standard booth configuration includes three sides fencing, a negotiating table, two chairs, two spotlights, and a power outlet.220V/5A);

Indoor bare ground

Indoor lighting includes the area and space used during the exhibition period, excluding the standard booth configuration.


Power consumption and non-standard configuration require additional rental;

Advertising expenses

Seal  noodles:15000YuanRMB  

Seal    Bottom line:10000YuanRMB 

Two envelopes and three envelopes:8000YuanRMB

Visit card:5000YuanRMB/10000Ge

Color inner pages: 4000YuanRMB 

Color cross-page:6000YuanRMB 

Door  Tickets:5000YuanRMB/10000A.

Steam filling column: 3000YuanRMB

Article    Scope:1500YuanRMB


Rainbow Gate: 5000YuanRMB 

Black and white inner pages:2000YuanRMB


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  • E-mail:781846701@qq.com
  • Address:Block A, Futian Building, 27 Nanping West Road, Chongqing, 27-2
  • Zipcode:400060


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