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Las Vegas magic show 2020
Industry: Clothing / Leather / Textile
Time: 2020/02/04 - 02/07 (Tues To Fri Total 4 Days)    Error Correction
Address: North America North AmericaU.S.A Mandelbay Convention and Exhibition Center
Sponsor:Shanghai Hengtian Exhibition Service Co., Ltd


Magic show is the largest and oldest trade show in the world, with the largest number of exhibitors, participating countries and professional buyers. It only accepts professional buyers to visit and purchase clothes, fabrics and accessories.
Since 1933, magic show has been held twice a year, with a scale of over 200000 square meters. It attracts nearly 4000 international enterprises and 140000 professional buyers from more than 80 countries and 50 states.
Magic show is the world's only professional clothing and fabric accessories exhibition with the most complete and comprehensive services from clothing raw materials to all kinds of clothing finished products and related industry chain supporting services. It is the best trading platform for related services of clothing, fabric, accessories and clothing industry chain. Magic show has developed the most important market information release center and trading place in the American clothing market. It is also the world's largest professional clothing comprehensive exhibition integrating men's wear, women's wear, children's wear, avant-garde fashion and clothing fabrics. It is a world-famous ordering clothing trade fair, becoming the latest trend fashion show and the hot topic of the clothing industry chain market A feast of lectures.
Sourcing @ magic
If your main target buyers are brand wholesalers, big retailers, branded retailers and wholesalers, distribution wholesalers, sourcing @ magic exhibition area will be your suitable exhibition area.
The sourcing exhibition area of magic show consists of OEM exhibition area, accessories area, clothing area, service supplier exhibition area and ODM area. The exhibition area is also a professional exhibition area of magic for large retailers and brand wholesalers. The organizer has invested huge human and material resources for its success, and set up a special (invited) buyer department. Aiming at large retailers and brand wholesalers, which are the most suitable professional buyers for Chinese exhibitors, the Expo will effectively lead them to the sourcing at magic international production and processing industry exhibition area.

Premier China
Many unique services provided by magic Exhibition for exhibitors: for example, arranging individual enterprises to meet and exchange VIP match-making with high-quality buyers one by one during the exhibition period; and exhibitors can upload information to the official website before, during and after the exhibition for a certain period of time, so as to establish more and longer communication opportunities with potential buyers, etc., which will make the exhibition The quality and effect were further improved.
Special services different from other exhibition areas will be provided to exhibitors in the boutique exhibition area, including the location of the booth superior to other exhibition areas of the Chinese exhibition group, special decoration, and priority of VIP buyers match-making services.
Our company provides one-to-one consultation for the customers who apply for the booth in China's boutique exhibition area, submits enterprise and product introduction and pictures to the Organizing Committee for review in advance, and maintains a high proportion of the customers who apply for the booth in China's boutique exhibition area throughout the year.


All kinds of men's, women's, children's, underwear, clothing, fabrics, accessories, printing design, etc

Costs & Precautions

Please contact the organizer of the exhibition for implementation before participation.


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