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Warm congratulations on the grand opening of the 19th China International Motor Expo and Development Forum in Shanghai New International Expo Center!

Publish Time: 2019-07-11   Hits: 2471548 Editor: fengzemin
The 19th China International Motor Expo and development forum was grandly opened in Shanghai New International Expo Cent


      Congratulations on the grand opening of the 19th China International Motor Expo and Development Forum in Shanghai New International Expo Center from July 10 to July 12, 2019! Manufacturers of motor control system, motor materials, testing instruments and suppliers of supporting products of motor and electric materials from all over the country participated in the exhibition, attracting domestic and foreign purchasers for on-site negotiation and a large number of visitors. Cotv global live broadcast, large-scale exhibition for your live release!

"China International Motor Expo" was held to continue to serve the motor industry and promote the sustainable development of the industry. Make full use of the mode of "two exhibitions in one" of professional exhibitions and trade exhibitions, "three exhibitions in one" of exhibitions, ordering conferences and seminars, and "four businesses in one" of manufacturers, distributors, supporting suppliers and service providers. It is a model exhibition in the international motor industry with market-oriented, technical professionalism, effectiveness and reality, user group and activity characteristics, and truly becomes the motor industry city An activity platform for promotion, display of new products, exchange of new technologies, release of new information and development of new business opportunities. Welcome to this exhibition, with your support and participation, we will spare no effort to do a good job of inviting professional visitors and purchasers, and strive to bring you valuable service and exhibition effect!

The exhibition focuses on the current situation and development direction of domestic and foreign motor industry. Through the large-scale, all-round, multi-level and unified international motor industry "fair" and "exhibition", build the first comprehensive exhibition platform integrating Industrial Expo, trade negotiation and Summit Forum in China's motor industry. To build opportunities for exhibition, promotion, exchange and cooperation of motor industry projects, invite domestic and foreign motor related merchants to the meeting to carry out economic and trade negotiations and centralized signing, promote investment and project docking, and promote the vigorous development of China's motor industry. ■ motor category: medium and small motors, stepping motors, DC motors, fractional horsepower motors, small and special motors, explosion-proof motors, permanent magnet motors, brushless motors, traction motors, special motors, high-speed motors, low-speed motors, vibration motors, deceleration motors, servo motors, series excitation motors, ultrasonic motors, automobile motors, gear motors, asynchronous motors, the same Step motor, high efficiency motor, AC motor, speed regulating motor, variable frequency motor, electric tool, household electrical appliance motor, motor, large motor, generator set, etc;
■ motor control system and device: relay, connector, driver, governor, sensor, converter, radiator, capacitor, fan, thermal protector, control system, servo system, power electronic device, numerical control device, switchgear, protection and control device, vacuum equipment, frequency converter, transformer, etc
■ supporting products and materials: commutator, bearing, commutator, shaft, motor shell, end cover, electromagnetic wire, enameled wire, lubricating oil, brush, mold, electric carbon, brush, carbon, iron core, collector ring, aluminum die casting, stamping die, punching die, oven, wire, semiconductor material, permanent magnetic material, soft magnetic material, insulation material, electrical material, powder metallurgy Gold, engineering plastics, junction box, connector, new environmental protection technology, motor CAD design software, manufacturing, management software, motor energy saving, electrical alloy, etc
■ test instruments and equipment: winding machine, stamping machine, forging equipment, forging machinery, hydraulic press, motor drive, industrial control equipment, production equipment, protection and control device, vacuum equipment, insulation coating equipment, punching equipment, plastic press, special processing equipment, commutator finishing machine, groove cutting machine, vacuum executive, insulating sheet inserting machine, spot welder, filling machine Magnetic machine, electrostatic powder coating machine, mold fixture, armature detector, motor comprehensive performance tester, dynamic balancing machine, electric quantity tester, dynamometer, insulation performance tester, magnetic measuring instrument, online detector, cat, mechanical inspection equipment, tooling, production line, etc;


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