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  • Exhibition Centre westfallenhalle Dortmund
    Country / Region:Germany
    Address: Strobelallee 45 44139 Dortmund Germany
    Area:60000 Square Meters
    Introduction:Dortmund Convention and Exhibition Center is located in Dortmund, Germany, with a total construction area of 60000 square meters. It has nine exhibition halls and a surface area of 1800-10000 square m...
  • Messe Offenbach
    Country / Region:Germany
    Address: Messe Offenbach GmbH Kaiserstra. 108-112 D-63065 Offenbach am Main
    Area:56000 Square Meters
    Introduction:The exhibition center of Offenbach is located in Offenbach city on the Rhine River in Germany. After more than 50 years of operation, the total exhibition area of the center has now exceeded 18000 squ...
  • Messe Erfurt, Erfurt Convention Center
    Country / Region:Germany
    Address: Gothaer Str. 34 D-99094 Erfurt Germany
    Area:50000 Square Meters
    Introduction:Alford Exhibition Center is located in the city of Alford, Germany, with a total exhibition area of 50000 square meters and more than 7000 international standard booths.
  • Messe Kassel
    Country / Region:Germany
    Address: Damaschkestraße 55 D - 34121 Kassel
    Area:30000 Square Meters
    Introduction:Kassel Exhibition Center is located in the north of Hesse, Germany. The total exhibition area of the exhibition center is 30000 square meters, and the exhibition center is divided into 14 exhibition h...
  • Messe idar oberstein
    Country / Region:Germany
    Address: John-F.-Kennedy-Str. 9 55743 Idar-Oberstein Germany
    Area:10000 Square Meters
    Introduction:Idar Oberstein Exhibition Center is located in bikenfeld, Rhineland pfartz, Germany, with a total construction area of 10000 square meters, of which each exhibition hall and conference hall is provide...
  • Exhibition Centre Sinsheim
    Country / Region:Germany
    Address: 27 Newland Road, d-74889, sindheim
    Area:70000 Square Meters
    Introduction:Sindheim company was founded in 1989. It is the sister company of the famous trading company, sports Co., Ltd. Paul Eberhard Schall and Bettina Schall, executive directors. Sindheim and its employees...
  • Messe Dresden, Dresden
    Country / Region:Germany
    Address: Dresdner Ausstellusgesellschaft MBH Messering 6 D-01067 Derestenng
    Area:36500 Square Meters
    Introduction:Dresden International Exhibition Center is located in Dresden, Germany. The total floor area of the exhibition hall is 23000 square meters, including four exhibition halls, plus 13500 square meters of...
  • Messegel ä NDE Magdeburg
    Country / Region:Germany
    Address: Tessenowstrasse 5a 39114 Magdeburg
    Area:12000 Square Meters
    Introduction:Magdeburg Exhibition Center is located in the East Bank of Elbe River, Magdeburg City, Germany. The total area of the exhibition center is 12000 ㎡, which is composed of three main exhibition halls, p...
  • Messegel ä NDE Friedrichshafen
    Country / Region:Germany
    Address: P.O. Box 2080 88010 Friedrichshafen Germany
    Area:70000 Square Meters
    Introduction:Frederick Exhibition Center is located in the port of Frederick at the junction of Switzerland and Austria. The total exhibition area of the center is 70000 square meters. It has 10 exhibition halls.
  • Berlin Expo Center airport beca
    Country / Region:Germany
    Address: Messestrasse 1, 12529 Schoenfeld,
    Area:149000 Square Meters
    Introduction:Berlin Airport Exhibition Center is located in Berlin, Germany. It has more than 20000 m2 hall space and about 129000 M2 outdoor area of temporary buildings. The three halls are pillar free buildings,...


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