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Chizhou (Jiuhuashan) International Exhibition Center

Address:No. 369, Jingliu Road, economic development zone, Yingzhou District, Fuyang City
Area:30000 M²
Location:China-Anhui Province-Fuyang City-Yingzhou


Chizhou International Convention and Exhibition Center is located in Chizhou City, the first eco-economic demonstration area in China and the location of Jiuhua Mountain, the four Buddhist holy places in China. It is located on the west side of South Changjiang Road in the central area of Chizhou. It is the largest single experience exhibition hall in southern Anhui at present. It is also the only private exhibition enterprise in Anhui Province (Anhui gold medal Grand International Exhibition Group) that invests in the construction and full operation The total investment of the exhibition hall is about 250 million yuan.
Chizhou International Convention and Exhibition Center is a key project of 861 in Anhui Province, and also a key support project of Chizhou municipal government. It has won the "golden finger award of China Convention and exhibition industry excellent exhibition venue Innovation Award"; it is jointly authorized as "China Convention and Exhibition professional training base" by the Research Institute of international trade and economic cooperation of the Ministry of Commerce and China Convention and Exhibition Economic Research Association. The pavilion is surrounded by beautiful environment and built close to mountains and rivers. From the conference center, you can enjoy the scenery of Wetland Park and Qingxi River, feel the lush scenery of Qishan mountain and the cultural beauty of the city center square, and bring relaxed and happy feelings to the participants (Qishan scenic area integrates mountains, water and wetlands, and Yue Fei and other historical celebrities wrote poems here, which is known as "the place of poets for thousands of years").
Chizhou International Convention and Exhibition Center has a total construction area of about 53827 ㎡, and an outdoor square area of about 20000 ㎡. It is composed of exhibition center, perennial exhibition and Trade Center, conference center and business reception center. It is a new exhibition hall integrating large-scale exhibition, business conference, accommodation, catering, tourism and shopping.

Exhibition hall scale
Exhibition Center - ADE area
The first and second floors of areas D, e and a of the exhibition hall are planned to be exhibition centers with a total area of about 30000 ㎡.

Flexible combination of exhibition space
Each exhibition hall is divided into four series according to the area. Exhibition area a, exhibition area C, exhibition area D and exhibition area E. exhibition a and C are divided into two floors. Exhibition area De can also be used separately. Each area has a separate entrance and exit in the ground and upstairs service channel, which can be used alone or flexibly combined to meet the exhibition demand of different scales. It can also reduce the mutual shadow of different exhibitions held in the same period Ring.

◆ large space exhibition hall
The exhibition halls in areas D and e of the exhibition center are in neat shape, with a maximum span of 120 meters and a clear height of 26 meters, which helps to improve the visual effect of the exhibition site.

Pavilion parameters

Conference Room
Conference center area a
The third and fourth floors of block a of the exhibition hall are planned to be conference centers, with a total area of about 10000 ㎡. There are 12 large and medium-sized conference rooms, which can meet different conference requirements. The Beijing Hall (multi-functional hall) on the fourth floor covers an area of 2160 ㎡. It is the largest pillar free conference hall in Anhui Province, which can accommodate 100 banquets and 1600 people at the same time.

◆ the conference center has domestic and even world-class led rear projection system, wireless and six tone simultaneous interpretation system, field control system, sound system, stage lighting system, speech system, projection system, voting and check-in system, etc.; it can meet the needs of international conferences and can be used as a high-end banquet venue.

◆ catering service - large supply capacity, rich varieties and grades. The basement floor is equipped with a kitchen of nearly 5000 square meters. It can provide high-quality, multi-level Chinese food, Western food, tea break, etc.; it can meet the needs of 2000 fast food and 1500 banquet meals at the same time.




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