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Solar photovoltaic will become the core theme of Lyon lighting exhibition in 2019

Publish Time: 2019-01-29   Hits: 52949 Editor: zixun2
The theme of the exhibition will cover various solutions of the whole solar energy industry chain, including solar panel


The bepositive solar photovoltaic theme exhibition will be held from February 13 to 15 in lumibat, Lyon lighting exhibition. This year's exhibition focuses on energy transformation, with 550 exhibitors and participating brands expected and 30000 professional visitors expected.

The organizers said solar photovoltaic will be the core of the trade show. Driven by the dynamic growth of global market, the photovoltaic industry will have more exhibition space than previous exhibitions. In addition, the scale is expected to increase by 40% over 2017, which will attract more solar panel manufacturers and inverter suppliers. It is expected that professionals from various industries will participate, including manufacturers, developers, installers, project managers, etc.

The theme of the exhibition will cover various solutions of the whole solar energy industry chain, including solar panel, inverter, structure, fastening system, energy storage, self consumption, energy control, distribution network and its management, electric vehicle, charging station, fuel cell, etc. The most attractive innovative new products and services will have the opportunity to win the positive award from the organizing committee.

During the exhibition, various group discussions, symposiums, conferences and presentations will be held to discuss controversial energy transformation issues, including smart grid, floating photovoltaic, electric vehicle and project financing. Specific activities include: National photovoltaic seminar organized by energy renouvelables, energy consumption and energy storage conference organized by ines, Eurasian forum organized by China West Africa Business Development Bureau, etc.


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